Next-generation training center arrives in Lubbock in 2022

Lubbock is a baseball and softball town for sure. From starting at a young age to Texas Tech baseball success and the crowd, the love for the sport is demonstrated. Well, he’s about to get even bigger when Knocksville LBK comes to town.

This new venture is a next-generation baseball and softball training facility that will feature a full-size indoor turf field, oversized team training cages, video simulation pitchers, and balloon technology. advanced training and play. How cool isn’t it?

Knock Nation will not only offer group training but also private training. It is designed for players of all ages and skill levels, from the age of five. Parents and coaches can schedule booked sessions directly through the Knocksville mobile app. There is no longer a queue or a call in advance. It’s as easy as booking your session and your seat will be waiting for you. I mean, look how tall he will be in this picture below.

Memberships are available to suit all budgets, both for teams and for individuals seeking to reach their full potential. So it doesn’t matter if you want it just for your kid or your whole team, they can make it fit for everyone.

The owners of this place hope it becomes a place where players can dream big, embrace the grind, harness their edge, and share the love of the game.

Knocksville arrives in Lubbock in early 2022. Their location will be at 11717 Indiana Avenue. You can also get more information about their website.

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