Go Disco raises $ 8.1 million to take users offline

In an age where everything is digital and favors endless scrolling, consumer application developer Sean Conrad and data scientist Jesse Berns co-founded Go Disco to encourage people to close the screen and live.

The app helps people find experiences unique to their area, tailored to their specific interests. Go Disco offers users suggestions for activities, including rock climbing in Venice or a pop-up art exhibit in Santa Monica.

Pew Research Center estimates 31% of American adults say they go online “almost all the time.”

Anyway to find out, Conrad says Go Disco was created in 2019 to inspire Angelenos “with cool events that you’re actually going to do.” So we elevate your desire to do something offline. And then secondly, we help you coordinate projects with friends, people you really want to see, which lowers your barrier to entry and brings your desire closer to reality.

Conrad admits, “Since our founding I have become a father of two and now I have that extra accent that does not allow my children to grow up in a fake world created by Mark Zuckerberg.”

With 20 years of technological experience under his belt, Conrad has seen how technology has improved many industries like medicine and transportation, but when applied to our social lives it becomes a nightmare.

A screenshot of the new Go Disco app

How it works

After registering, the user will be asked to indicate their interests and the technology then filters through thousands of experiences before delivering a personalized stream of enriching events.

Similar to the Airbnb experience, Go Disco has a section that users can browse for events and experiences. “We kind of meet people where they are in terms of using technology,” says Conrad. But unique to Go Disco is their interactive map that displays all the events happening in the LA area. The experiences on the flickering map indicate that these events are happening on the day you look at them.

The Go Disco team has two ways to get information about events; the first is their patent pending technology which allows them to browse the internet and host public events and the second is the use of their in-house editorial team which brings together unique events like a clandestine party – which cannot be found nowhere else.

If you are a planner, the app will provide information on events happening in LA up to a week in advance.

“We know people tend to watch things either when they’re first announced or when it’s about seven days before they happen,” Conrad said. “People don’t really plan much beyond the current weekend. ”

The Los Angeles-based company has raised $ 8.1 million from a variety of angel investors which will be used to build the core consumer app, add more features in the new year based on user research , will equip our internal editorial team and strengthen brand awareness.

In 2022, the company plans to expand and roll out to more cities, including New York, DC, Miami, San Francisco, Portland, and Austin.

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