Nine items you would like to bring to Leeds as a Fresher

When moving to Leeds, it’s natural to wonder what to bring when you move away from home for the first time. What decorations to bring for an aesthetic bedroom? What cute but comfortable clothes should I bring to look fashionable and chic? Should I bring my PS4 in case I’m bored?

But nothing can quite prepare you for the Leeds lifestyle, and PS4s and LED lights will only get you so far, so here are 9 things you wish you could bring to Leeds.

1. Slides/slippers

I’ll start simple. Student accommodation gets shabby, especially if you’re like James Baillie where the floor is constantly covered in the contents of an overturned ashtray. If you leave your room without shoes, be prepared to bring a moldy meal back to your room. They will also come in handy for those 2 a.m. trips to Saino.

It was our apartment’s second day and the cleanest it’s ever been

2. Costumes

There will be a time when you get invited to an Otley run and you just can’t afford a costume. Bring any disguises you own, even if it seems weird or unnecessary. I can guarantee that ogre ears paired with a green robe will make you a worthy Shrek.

Notice the Bruiser in Elle Wood’s handbag? Easy disguise

3. Freighters (obviously)

You will inevitably swap your skinny jeans for cargo pants twice your size in a few weeks or months, it’s the Leeds effect. You will then only be shopping exclusively at Depop, buying clothes that absolutely no other girl in Leeds has, obviously. If you don’t want to stand out and look like a Fresher, just get a pair of cargos – but absolutely not handcuffed them.

4. Laundry basket with handles

The dreaded Circuit Laundry. Not only are the washing machines still in use, but the laundry room is miles from your room. As I brought a laundry basket, I never realized how far the laundry room would be. I had to go up in two elevators, a total of 6 floors (but for some people it was up to 26) and over a whole bridge (!!!). Thank you Rose Blanche, xoxo. Bring one with a handle. Keep your arms.

5. Speaker

If you ever find yourself without a turntable for a pattern (which would be rare in Leeds, don’t we all have a fellow ‘DJ’?), a speaker will be your best friend. A speaker is an essential item to any pre or post you are almost guaranteed to host. Just be aware of any ASBO notice that may follow.

6. Baccy/vapes

No matter how many times you’ve told yourself you’ll never be addicted to nicotine, all of that will change in Leeds. He’ll hit you on the way to the Mint Warehouse smoking area while fighting the hundreds of people in your way, just so you can have a cigarette. Just to prepare, buy bulk vapes (Elux is an obvious favorite in Leeds) or cheap baccy from your home town. Becoming a social smoker is inevitable.

7. Sesh Shoes

Leeds is a party city, and that’s what attracts 96% of students who come here. But the clubs are disgusting. Imagine your kitchen floor flat x100, but covered in piss and ket flyaway. Have a dedicated pair of shoes that are already trashed. The Air Force is a cult favorite here in Leeds.

8. Berocca Lifetime Supply

Freshmen who think they can hack the hangover will be wrong once they get to Leeds. In October, one night at Beaverworks will have you dying for a week. That’s until you drink your beloved Berocca. The comedown will be over at 9 a.m. And it helps relieve stress, what more could you ask for?

9. Money

Alright, that’s the most important thing. As fun as it might be to spend your entire student loan for the first week on shitty clubs like Space and Pryzm, and on sandwiches from Bakery164 to cure your hangover, that money won’t last forever. Try to bring some savings if you can – even if it seems like a small amount. It will be useful to you. Do not live off pot noodles by week three x

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