No, schools in Iowa do not put litter boxes in bathrooms

I never thought I would have to type the following words: Schools don’t put litter boxes in their bathrooms. A school had to send an e-mail putting an end to this rumor.

A strange rumor has been circulating on social media for about a month that concerns schools and litter boxes. It all started with a Michigan school board meeting where a parent went on a bizarre rant after he “discovered” his school was putting litter boxes in the bathrooms.

This woman claims that a group of children who identify as “furs” and specifically identified as cats were given litter boxes in the unisex bathroom at this school. She goes on to say that this is a NATIONAL problem happening in schools. His statement went viral on social media and thrust this rumor into the national spotlight.

In the video, she mentions a group called “furries” which, according to Merriam Webster refers to,

“A growing use of hairy refers to people who have a keen interest in or dress up in anthropomorphic animal characters, such as those often seen in comics, games, and cartoons. A hairy’s personalized animal identity is known as fursonathe coat rack hairy and personage. Fursonas can exist as costumes, online avatars, or even entire lifestyles.

This outrageous notion of schools trying to “accommodate” students who identify as animals is a far cry from the right one. Dare I say this is absolutely insane! And because of people like the michigan woman that have gone viral, schools must now respond to these rumors via email.

According to the Carroll Times Herald, rumors that Carroll Community School District officials were putting litter boxes in their bathrooms have been going on for weeks! Carroll CSD Superintendent Casey Berlau emailed the entire district on Feb. 7.

In the message, writes Berlau,

“That is simply and categorically not true”, and goes on to say “It is very unfortunate that this rumor has spread over the past few weeks. It has only distracted people from the important work that we need to do. on a daily basis.”

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