Northern California tourists kidnapped at gunpoint inside Airbnb

A group of Northern California tourists were kidnapped and robbed for $70,000 worth of designer clothing and jewelry, Los Angeles police said.

The incident happened Wednesday morning when three gunmen allegedly followed four people from a restaurant in the Beverly Grove neighborhood to their Airbnb in the affluent Coldwater Canyon area.

Los Angeles Police Detective. Chris Marsden says KABC that the men – one holding a rifle and the others armed with shotguns – followed the tourists to their homes and held them at gunpoint, forcing them to “give up their jewelry”. The alleged abduction took place around 1:30 p.m., an LAPD spokesperson told SFGATE.

“They were also forced inside the house which is very alarming,” Marsden added.

The suspects then allegedly ordered the victims to lie down inside the residence as they ransacked the house, taking more jewelry, designer handbags and clothing before leaving.

The victims were reportedly aware they were being followed on their way home, going so far as to walk past the house to divert the suspects from their trail, KABC reported. They believed they had avoided the suspects prior to the incident.

An LAPD spokesperson did not provide further comment to SFGATE.

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