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Screenshot by Zillow/Dayton Realtors

Even though the popular NBC sitcom ended in 2004, Airbnbs and homes with a common “Friends” theme have been popping up all over the country: from the decor of that Houston house for that Florida vacation rentalsRachel, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, Ross and Joey have been making their mark outside of New York lately.

The dining room Screenshot by Zillow/Dayton Realtors

Now this Dayton, Ohio, home can be thrown into the colored mix.

Dining room Screenshot by Zillow/Dayton Realtors

On the real estate market for $135,000, this three-bedroom, one-bathroom home is sure to pack all the nostalgia.

The dining room Screenshot by Zillow/Dayton Realtors

“Could this be cuter,” the listing reads in a Chandler Bing-like tone. “This 3 bedroom 1 bath home is currently a friend themed short term rental listed on AirBnB. The property is fully furnished with all decor, appliances, kitchen utensils, linens and furniture from the property. Completely remodeled to recreate Monica’s iconic apartment.”

Dining room Screenshot by Zillow/Dayton Realtors

As the photos show, the 1,137-square-foot home is the living embodiment of Monica and Rachel’s apartment, with its walls shaded in vivid lilac. And hey! There’s even a race car bed.

Room Screenshot by Zillow/Dayton Realtors

Features that have been updated in and around the house include:

  • Roof

  • the Windows

  • furnace

  • Air conditioner

  • Water heater

  • Painting

  • Floor

  • Washer/dryer connections

Kitchen Screenshot by Zillow/Dayton Realtors

And more.

Kitchen Screenshot by Zillow/Dayton Realtors

Zillow gone wilda popular real estate page on Facebook, caught wind of the house, and fans flocked to the comments section to voice their opinions.

Kitchen Screenshot by Zillow/Dayton Realtors

“It’s adorable and well done,” one person noted. “I would only need a much bigger refrigerator!”

Bathroom Screenshot by Zillow/Dayton Realtors

“I think it’s wonderful,” said another. “I’d take that in a heartbeat over another white-on-white house.”

“It’s all Friends themed,” someone pointed out. “Each room is decorated like the same room on Friends…with “insider jokes” sprinkled here and there.”

Interior Screenshot by Zillow/Dayton Realtors

“It would do fabulously for an Airbnb-like place,” one person said. “Huge ‘Friends’ fan but it’s a bit too much for everyday life. For me anyway. Well executed though.

“I wonder where the owner got her degree in interior design,” another commented.

Room Screenshot by Zillow/Dayton Realtors

“So nobody told you there would be houses this way…” one person joked while playing the theme song “Friends.”

“I would buy it SO MUCH and wouldn’t change a thing,” said another.

Dayton is about 54 miles northeast of Cincinnati.

Door Screenshot by Zillow/Dayton Realtors

This story was originally published April 26, 2022 3 p.m.

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