Once again, Bismarck proudly hosts the ND HS State Track Meet

You all have to help me here.

I came to Bismarck in 2001 and I swear the North Dakota High School State Track Meet has been held in Bismarck every year since. It’s coming back to Bismarck this weekend. I’m sure it hasn’t always been in Bismarck, but I’m damn sure it’s been in Bismarck/Mandan since I put down roots in Bismarck/Mandan.

Tried googling ND State Track history to no avail.

I could have scoured page 220 of 400 in the search results, but I thought there were hopefully enough timeless track athletes that could take us back to a decade when Bowman sprinters had to travel to Grand Forks to compete.

Unlike other sports, Bismarck’s central location has to be the deciding factor.

Like the North Dakota State Fair? Additionally, over the years, the Bismarck Community Bowl has maintained and updated its facilities to meet the needs of a wide range of competitors. So updated that I’m proud to call it the MDU Resource Community Bowl because obviously these folks are writing checks to make it all happen.

Never assume things will stay the same… HS Football Finals only take place in Fargo.

And, they never come back. So Bismarck, let’s be grateful and diligent to have the opportunity to host the State Olympics right here in our own bowl! Hoping the breeze doesn’t pick up over the next few days. The forecast looks good. All of the kids worked so hard in their trials that it’s a shame to be denied a state record because it was “assisted by the wind.” Especially if it’s a senior. It’s one thing to win, it’s another to post a state record on the board when you go out.

Want to see the competition from all over North Dakota? Here is the ticket information.

Admission / Ticket Information:

Adult ticket prices:
Daily: $15.00 (room fees not included); Three-day bracelet: $40.00 (room fees not included)

Student ticket prices:
Daily: $5.00 (room fees not included); Three-day bracelet: $15.00 (room fees not included)

The State Meet ticket presale will take place from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Thursday, May 26 at the North Box Office of the MDU Resources Community Bowl.

It’s Thursday through Saturday, and if you haven’t clicked ahead, contact the North Dakota High School Activities Association Website for all the details of the Meet.

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