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LOS ANGELES, 20 October 2021 / PRNewswire / – Today, Mindfulness Studio Open announced the closing of a $ 9 million Series A round table, based on a $ 5.5 million Seed tower for a total of $ 14.5 million to collect funds. Led by existing investor Founders Fund and A.Capital Ventures, this capital increase also includes the participation of Susa Ventures, Aglaé Ventures, supported by Groupe Arnault, as well as a list of leading CEOs in consumer technologies. such as Twitter and DoorDash, among others. Founders Fund and A.Capital made their first investments in the space by focusing on mindfulness with Open, a revolutionary approach to make the practice of well-being accessible to all.

Open is a mindfulness studio offering experiences that combine breathing, meditation, yoga, Pilates, etc. to support transformation and personal development. Since launching in 2020, Open has set out to create an ecosystem for meeting people where they are, anywhere, anytime, any level, online or offline. Their approach connects ancient wisdom and modern science, guided by expert teachers and supported by proprietary technology. Classes are designed to awaken the senses and regulate the nervous system in order to effectively achieve a meditative state that many find elusive. Breathing techniques are built into every experience to strengthen the mind-body connection through mental and physical training.

Open’s mission is simple: to be present, together. The studio provides the most immersive audio and visual experience for live, on-demand and in-person lessons, designing digital and physical spaces to facilitate community and presence at all levels. Practicing together is at the heart of Open’s philosophy. The team is prioritizing the development of features to connect users and teachers, such as live classroom discussions, groups of friends, synchronous meditation and breathing sessions, the ability to turn on your camera and to see others during practice, all to encourage presence through connection. To create wider access, Open offers free guest passes; subscribers can (virtually) bring friends to group classes by sending a link. Offers open classes in person in their studio at Venice, facilitating the presence, together.

Open organizes and creates music for each practice as a sound guide to break down perceived barriers around meditation. By partnering with record companies, cultural curators and artists such as Moses Sumney, UMI, Ólafur Arnalds, Perfume Genius, and more, Open invites the uninitiated to experience the benefits of mindfulness by connecting popular culture and practice. The result is dynamic experiences that inspire a more holistic approach to wellness.

“Open exists to make collective well-being an accessible reality. We envision a world where everyone, everywhere, opens up every day. We are inspired by the opportunity to make an impact and proud to partner with investors who not only believe in our vision, but can help us achieve it, ”says Raed khawaja, co-founder and CEO of Open.

Open has built a loyal and rapidly growing community of people looking to deepen connection with themselves and with others – they have supported over 80,000 shared practices, and user solo practices have grown by 42% over the course of for the past six months. It’s not just the Open community that recognizes the gap it is bridging in the industry, the company has secured funding from executives such as the co-founder and CEO of Twitter. Jack Dorsey and Co-founder and CEO of DoorDash Tony xu, innovators at the intersection of technology and social connection. Institutional investors in companies focused on breakthrough ideas include SV Angel, Coatue, Maveron, Quiet Capital, Brainchild and Slow Ventures.

Keith Rabois, General Partner at Founders Fund, legendary early stage investor in companies like Doordash, AirBnb, LinkedIn, Yelp, Lyft, YouTube, Eventbrite, Quora and more, shares: “Like many people, I am constantly on the lookout for opportunities to optimize my health. While there are countless ways to improve your diet, exercise or sleep, Open is the first fully integrated and accessible way for anyone to access the benefits of breathing. “Rabois continues,” The pandemic has forced the transition from in-person classes to digital experiences virtually overnight. Open has built a platform to serve its early adopters at a critical time of need, demonstrating both the caliber of the team and how their vision resonates with its community. Open is poised to bring the transformative power of work of breathing to more people in more places in the future. I can’t wait to see the positive impact this platform will bring to the masses. “

Open subscriptions are offered on $ 20 per month for unlimited access to digital courses. Scholarships are available for those in need of support. To learn more about Open and their upcoming initiatives, please visit open.com for more information.

About the opening

Open is a mindfulness studio for everyone. A place to find your senses – meditation, music, breathing and movement awaken body and mind to bring you to the present moment. Bringing together a community of practitioners, we design artistic courses, spaces and content that foster the power of first-hand experience. We imagine a world where everyone, everywhere, opens up every day.

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