Over the past 8 months I have observed the life of Roxy the fox and captured behavior never seen before (26 photos)

For 8 months, I spent almost every night sitting at the window of my country house in the middle of the forest, and I observed the life of the foxes. One of them was braver. The vixen appeared after dusk, walked around it for an hour and a half, and appeared several times in the yard. I took the exposure from a distance to capture some interesting, secret, never-before-seen behavior. We built a distant but subtle relationship, something hard to describe, and I named her Roxy. She always surprised me, showing new sides of her personality and quickly adapting to changes. By adapting to the presence of a wild animal, I learned a lot about foxes and also about myself and humans in general. Lots of things that will hopefully change people’s opinion that the fox is a pest.

In the evening, I put on the lights in advance, like in a studio, and I waited in the dark room for my heroine to come on stage. Working with such an attractive and unpredictable animal, I had to solve many technical, theoretical and physical challenges, and it was a wonderful opportunity to develop skills and experiment with gadgets.

Working exclusively at night allowed me to be creative with the lighting. In some images I used dramatic studio type lighting. In others, I balanced my flashes with ambient light. Working with such an attractive and unpredictable animal at night was both a great challenge and a wonderful opportunity to document the great story.

Half of the photos were taken by a radio remote shutter and the other half by a camera trap. This series won first prize at the Sony World Photography Awards and first place in the Hungarian PressPhoto competition and thanks to this, Roxy became the most famous vixen in the world.

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