Pack your bags: how an old double-decker bus is turned into a dream vacation spot

For consistency and confirmation, what is your name, where are you from and what is your profession (as much as you are comfortable doing)?
My name is Mary Shannon Moore, I was born and raised in Southwest Florida and I own a real estate brokerage called Green Lion Realty.

How did you become a fan of Harry potter series?
I have three daughters: Coral, 29 years old; Willow, 23, and Iris, 16. My daughters have always been huge fans of the Potter series. When they were learning to read, it was one of the first series of books they started with.

The double decker bus is a real find! The story is published on your Tik Tok and Instagram pages. But can you explain, in new words, how you came to own the bus?
After stumbling across a beautifully restored bus house (known as the skoolie) at a small house show, I started looking for my own bus that needed a bit of magic to make it shine again of yesteryear. After months of searching for Prophet of the Sorcerer (known as Craigslist in the non-magical world), negotiating and settling logistical grunts, I bought and successfully transported a 1955 Scottish double-decker bus to Mars Hill, North Carolina, just outside outside Asheville. While the purple three-decker bus you plan to get in and out of high-speed traffic, my Midnight Bus will be at a standstill, sleeping 2 on the upper deck and 2 on the main level, in an interior equipped with all the wizarding comforts you need for an overnight trip to dreamland.

Can you explain your planning process and what it takes to get the bus from its current state to how you want it?
It’s going to take a ton of work to get the bus into any shape for anyone to stay on. Not only is it old, it’s been in an open barn for the past 20 years, and we’ve been exposed to the elements. [too]. I will have to empty it completely [it] and start over. However, I leave most of the original parts – the parking lights, the original grille [sic], headlights and pilots [sic] seat. It’s going to take a lot of work to make the bus shine again.

What are your plans for the bus once it’s finished?
When the bus is finished, it will be an Air BnB in Mars Hill, NC, just outside Asheville.

How much progress have you made on the bus since your last video?
Well, right now it’s really hard to find people to work on the bus. Our bus builders had to leave for TN for two weeks to work on another bus, but they’re coming back tomorrow. We also hired an extra team to help them finish it as they have another bus built in the middle[-]May. We hope it will be finished by the [f]all 2021.

You mentioned that you are also in the process of getting a train (or train car?) And making a stone hut that looks like Hagrid’s house. Where are you creating them?
Yes! After completing this project we will buy a train car and the theme as well and our third project will be a stone cabin. I hope to have groups of three themed houses on each plot of land. Our fourth [sic] project will be a hobbit house on the mountainside. Stay tuned for updates!

What do you plan to do with the bus, train, and home once they’re done?
All will be rented as AirBnB vacation rentals.

Can you tell us a little more about Magical Mountain Vacation Rentals? Do you plan to use your three Harry potter built as vacation rentals?
Yes! The three places will be rented in AirBnB. They will have a breathtaking view of the mountains. They are also located on the property of the Wolf Ridge Ski Resort, just outside Asheville. So in winter you can ski, and in summer you can hike the Appalachian Trail and explore the Asheville area.

From what I understand you are a broker with Green Lion Realty. Is it correct? Can you clarify how Green Lion Realty and Magical Mountain Vacation Rentals are affiliated, if applicable?
Besides [to] the Magical Mountain Vacation Rentals, I own a real estate company in Southwest Florida called Green Lion Realty. Both are from the company [sic] that I am very passionate about.

Do you have a favorite Harry potter book and / or film? What is your Hogwarts house?
I would say my favorite book is probably Harry potter and wizards [sic] Calculation. Because that’s where the magical journey begins.
A close second is is [sic] Harry Potter and the Prison [sic] from Azkaban because of the mysterious purple bus. I am a Hufflepuff! Go badgers 🦡

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