Paradise is just a flight away when you stay at Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort in Aruba

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Somehow the first 4 months of the year seemed to never end and also flew by before we could properly account for the seasons. Spring is here and that means summer is fast approaching. Which means we’re in the perfect season to take a vacation somewhere tropical.

Of course, you can go somewhere tropical any time of the year. But there’s nothing quite like going to the seaside when the sun is as hot as it gets. Just put some color on your skin and cool off in the blue waters of where you are staying. And if you’re like us, you’ll want to make Aruba that tropical destination.

We recently had the pleasure of spending just over a weekend in Aruba and it must be said that it was more enjoyable than we could have imagined. Better than people who have been there have told us. And since it was our first time out of the country on a trip, we were thrilled with the sights we got to see.

passions on the beach

Being from New York, a flight to Aruba is no problem at all. Just under 5 hours to arrive at a destination that we will now consider paradise when we think back to our time there. 5 hours to get away from all the nonsense of our lives to melt under the really hot sun while lounging on the relaxing beaches of Aruba.

We were also lucky enough to stay at Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort, which is a beautiful 72-room family resort that has a great tropical vibe and is currently undergoing a floor-to-ceiling renovation. It’s a two story place with Dutch colonial architecture, not one of those giant corporate places. With a setting that will make guests feel right at home, all studios and suites are fully equipped with modern kitchens and locally made Aruba Aloe toiletries. When you spend time there, you will feel like you are away from the grind of everyday life. Just chill out to the beach vibes.

And the beach vibes are what you’ll get since the beach is right there. It’s less than a football field from your front door. This is the kind of place anyone could wish for when going on a trip to the tropics. Maybe not better, but just as convenient is that there is a super comfortable swimming pool and a renovated swimming pool just in front of the hotel. That way you can wash off that sand and salt before you go back to your room.

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Amsterdam mansion

It’s not all you can find in front of your room. You can also find one of the 2 bars that are part of the seaside resort. Right next to the swimming pool is Horizons, a fantastic place to have a drink and eat without going too far. Enjoy one of Aruba’s beautiful sunsets at the Managers Cocktail Party with live music, free snacks, and two-for-one drinks every Thursday during happy hour from 5-6 p.m.

You can also walk straight to the beach to have breakfast, lunch and dinner from passions on the beach, where you can truly admire the view along the beautiful Caribbean Sea. With a breathtaking setting, incredible cuisine and the friendliest staff, this feet-in-the-sand oasis will make you never want to leave the happy island.

Since we were guests of the Manor on this trip we received the full luxury treatment while there and were able to eat/drink at both of these locations during our stay. And for real, the experience has been amazing every time. In our opinion, you can’t go wrong, but the pasta with chicken and truffles from Passions on the Beach was the best thing we ate all week.

Amsterdam mansion

You don’t have to stay at the hotel to have good food. Aruba is full of fantastic restaurants and we were able to head off site for a quick bite to eat at the fantastic Quinta del Carmen restaurant. We enjoyed the food very much, with the daily Pork Chop special really hitting the spot after a long day on the water.

There’s plenty to do when you’re in Aruba, all based on the beautiful place you find yourself in. Since there is a lot of ocean around you, it only makes sense that you could embark on a boat trip. to admire the view and go snorkeling. There’s even a place where you can dive over a sunken ship. It’s a damn cool show and you can join it with Aqua Champagne Brunch Cruise with Pelican Adventureswhere food and drink are provided for your many hours spent on the ocean.

You can also get out of the water for sightseeing on land. You can log in with the From Palm Tours Off Road Safari to get a good view of the island’s sights and experience Aruba’s rugged terrain. You can see a wonderful natural pool, in which you can also swim like we did. You can see an old little church named Alto Vista, which is a real reminder of how much history there is on this island. And you can see a natural bridge. All while bouncing around the island to see how varied and beautiful the scenery is.

An added benefit of staying at Amsterdam mansion is that you can go there while you’re still on the clock. If you want to do some work while you’re there, you can do it with the work away from work package. It’s a package where they can set up your room to make work easier, with a desk chair, notepads, pens, etc. It’s like taking your office with you to this tropical paradise.

Having never left the country before, going to Aruba and staying at Amsterdam mansion was a real pleasure for us. And if you want to get away from it all sometime this summer, we can’t recommend this resort highly enough. Book your trip now and be sure to have the best time of your life under Aruba’s hot sun. The only thing you will regret is having to leave at some point.

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