Peabody, MA Mysterious Factory Noises – NBC Boston

The people who live around a gelatin factory in Peabody, Mass., are used to the smell, not the noise, which they say wakes them up in the middle of the night.

“It’s just this constant buzzing,” neighbor Beverley Dunne said.

The noise coming from the management of the Rousselot factory goes off from 1 a.m. to 3 a.m. approximately every day, according to neighbors.

“A lot of people say, ‘Oh, it’s been a factory all these years.’ Yes it is, but we’ve never had a noise like that,” Dunne said.

Airbnb provides tenants with noise sensors to help suppress parties. NBC 7’s Brooke Martell has more Mission Beach.

Some residents tell NBC10 Boston they haven’t had a good night’s sleep in over a year.

“I can’t take it anymore. I’m fed up and fed up,” Dunne said.

NBC10 Boston reached out to Rousselot with concerns from neighbors, but did not hear back Tuesday night.

Peabody councilman Jon Turco said he would speak to the city health department about the issue.

“With the number of residents who have complained – and I believe it’s more than half a dozen, so far, who have had issues with this – I think that’s definitely something we need to dig deeper,” Turco said. “If this is going to become an issue that we bring to the Peabody City Council and the Mayor’s office, we certainly will.”

NBC10 Boston contacted Peabody’s health department, but did not receive a response Tuesday night.

Peabody is no stranger to strange noises. After three confirmed earthquakes and several more mysterious booms last summer, officials sought to calm the reeling community with a public forum where a Boston College seismologist spoke.

Peabody town leaders held a community forum on Wednesday in response to a series of booms that rocked neighborhoods.

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