Photo report: Warsaw, Poland – Live and Let’s Fly

Warsaw was just a stopping point for us on the way to Krakow. As such, I only had a few hours to explore Poland’s most populated city.

Warsaw, Poland Photo Essay

On a cold late October morning, I strolled through Warsaw. While the morning began with sunshine and only scattered clouds, those clouds became more ominous and the sky darker as the morning progressed. The rain was approaching.

I thought of putting a black and white filter on all the photos below because the city was a little depressing… the biting cold, but also the silence. Most big cities are bustling with noise, but the big city of Warsaw was very quiet on Saturday morning. The juxtaposition was particularly striking in Krakow, which I would drive to later in the day.

As in Moscow, some roads are crossed underground with shops lining the passage. Here most of the shops were closed (meaning empty, not just closed for the weekend).

Even the metro station was quiet.

The purpose of my walk was to visit the Palace of Culture, this emblematic skyscraper in the heart of the city with Soviet realism (it looks like the “Seven Sisters” in Moscow). It was a gift to Poland from Josef Stalin.

It’s a beautiful building and I enjoyed looking at all the soviet era cars parked outside and walking through the ornate lobby inside.

What are you watching?

Warsaw has a graffiti problem. It’s not unique in this regard, but it still strikes me as odd that so many European cities choose to leave graffiti behind instead of repainting it. It wasn’t Banksy’s quality.

You see, the purpose of our trip was to go to Krakow, not Warsaw, so I have to leave the Polish capital on my list of places to go back. 24 hours is not enough time to explore the nooks and crannies of this great city and I don’t claim to have “explored” the city… I just took a long walk through part of the city.

I’d welcome your thoughts on what I should see next, though.

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