Poland: Foreigners living in Ukraine before the war can now apply online for temporary protection

The Polish government has announced that all non-Ukrainians who lived in Ukraine before the war started can now register online to apply for temporary protection.

A statement issued by the government on Tuesday April 4 indicates that non-Ukrainians who lived in Ukraine before the start of the war and who are not covered by the Law on Assistance to Ukrainian Citizens in the Event of Armed Conflict in the Territory of that State belong to the category of displaced persons, SchengenVisaInfo.com reports.

“Foreigners… who belong to the category of displaced persons referred to in Article 2, paragraphs 1 and 2, of the Council Implementing Decision establishing the existence of a massive influx of displaced persons from Ukraine, may be granted temporary protection under the Law on Granting Protection to Aliens in the Territory of the Republic of Poland”. says the government statement.

According to the government, this applies to foreigners, including family members of Ukrainian residents who do not hold Ukrainian citizenship and who are not spouses of Ukrainian nationals or close family members of a Ukrainian citizen holder of a Polish card.

In addition, the provisions apply to persons who have legally resided in Ukraine on the basis of a permanent residence permit and who are unable to return to their country of origin in safe conditions or who have received protection in Ukraine, including their family members.

“Foreigners who meet the above conditions can receive a certificate confirming the use of temporary protection free of charge. The Office issues the certificate for foreigners at the request of the foreigner. the statement also explains.

To request a certificate, it is possible to register online where the form is available in four different languages: Polish, English, Ukrainian and Russian.

After registering online, foreigners must answer a few questions regarding citizenship, documents or date of departure from Ukraine.

The certificate is the only proof of the use of temporary protection in Poland, which is valid until March 4, 2023 and certifies the holder’s right to stay on the territory of Poland.

Since the start of the war in Ukraine, Poland has been one of Ukraine’s neighboring countries which has received the most refugees so far. According to the latest UNHCR data, as of April 4, Tuesday, a total of 2,469,657 Ukrainian refugees have entered Poland.

Other countries that have also shown their willingness to support Ukrainian refugees by opening their doors are Hungary, Romania, Moldova and Slovakia.

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