Prepare your business for the future with these 5 emerging trends

Explore 5 emerging trends to future-proof your business in the post-COVID-19 world with the LDW 5 program from SEAC and Stanford University

SEAC, a leader in personal and organizational development with a passion for lifelong learning, hosted the Open House: Breakfast Information to provide an overview of the “Leading in a Disruptive” program. World 5″ (LDW). Created through collaboration between SEAC and the Stanford Center for Professional Development (SCPD) at Stanford University, the world-class executive education program features the latest content updates in response to the changing world business after the COVID-19 pandemic, opening a new horizon for business owners and senior executives with workshops, coaching and an exclusive business networking session on the campus of Stanford University, USA United, in March 2023 for a period of 5 days with 5 essential courses.

Arinya Talerngsri (center), CEO of SEAC delivered opening remarks on the uniqueness of this intensive five-day executive education program, which contains content that would normally take two weeks to study: “The LDW program differs from other executive education programs offered by the best universities in the world in that it does not simply offer off-the-shelf courses that may not be relevant to the current real-world situation, but rather the courses that SEAC has co-designed with SCPD based on the latest knowledge in the world of business which has changed dramatically as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.The program addresses the priorities of Thai and Southeast Asian businesses and organizations, providing insights for business leaders business about transformation, new technology trends, innovation, leadership and workforce frontiers and helping them find answers about where to go next. ur lead the organization in the future in what tools and techniques and how, at a time when the world is changing in ways that no one can determine, and not just by the impact of the technological revolution but because of the COVID-19 accelerating the digital future where businesses needed to act 20 times faster than expected in a different way.

Overview of the 5 programs

Day 1 – The transformed world and leadership for a truly digital future – In the rapidly changing conditions that all businesses are experiencing, organizations need to change their outlook on how they work. What are the mindsets and skills required for workers on the day that using Command & Control may not yield good results, organizations need to harness the collective intelligence across different workgroups. At the same time, companies need to reframe their organizational transformation which has already evolved over the past 5-6 years since companies started implementing digital transformation. Companies must focus on creating an excellent customer experience, which becomes the most important competitive advantage. Leaders must realize that developing a digital culture is more important than developing infrastructure.

Day 2 – The transformational impacts of technology, digital and data – “The transformation of the world has changed due to the COVID pandemic which has accelerated the digital future in a different way than before with transformational impacts of technology, digital and data.” Learn and discover the potential of emerging critical digital technologies and the opportunities they offer the potential of emerging technologies, whether it is the role of cloud technology that affects the transformation of businesses of all types at different levels. Data mining work is not limited to data analysis, which is carried out only by data scientists, but all employees of the organization must be aware of the potential of data and the extent to which it can can be used in their respective field of work. Stanford University pointed out that organizations that rely solely on the opinions, feelings, and experiences of their employees are likely to lag behind the competition. Instead, establishing an enterprise-wide data mindset where workers understand how to leverage data and AI to design a superior customer experience and improve work efficiency will drive the level of business competitiveness.

Day 3 – Innovating to compete in a disrupted world – “Innovation is changing. All new innovations must be redefined and reinterpreted and can take on a new form at an extremely rapid rate, day by day. The organization’s innovation strategy can take shape by nurturing an employee’s entrepreneurial spirit, also known as an entrepreneurial spirit, and workers must learn how to quickly formulate strategies and models trading for emerging markets and create an edge by observing market behaviors and reactions before Zoom on a unique path to value creation. At the same time, integrating sustainability into core business strategies is essential to creating a positive impact on the world by exploring different business models that incorporate circular economy approaches for long-term growth.

Day 4 The leader as a futurist and the future as a leader – “The leader of the organization must be a futurist or a future leader. The new management design embraces the concept of leader as futuristic, which has already been implemented in tens of thousands of organizations in the United States and Europe. When identifying leadership successors and recruiting new employees, organizations should focus on forward-looking individuals who can foresee a clear future for the organization and can reframe problems and challenges. to unlock innovation. A good leader must be able to persuade and influence people effectively. Be among the first to learn about the concept of improv leadership – a new style of leadership in the modern world with an “improv mindset” for creativity, flexibility, empathy and essential soft skills in order to become a more authentic, agile and dynamic leader.

Day 5 – The New Workforce: Talent as a Multiplier – “The outlook towards ‘talented’ employees in the organization has changed. In the post-COVID world, few talents are needed, only the right ones, with a changing mindset realizing that speed is everything in business. In order to attract and retain the right talent, companies need to create a community and platform that empowers them, to optimize them with learning and self-improvement while fostering a culture of lifelong learning. life. Most of the workers sought in the future are no longer those with I-shaped skills or expertise in a particular area, but organizations are looking for talent with comb-shaped skills, a broad base with multiple areas of expertise as well as a certain breadth and depth. in these areas.

The faculties joining the LDW 5 program are all “Rockstar Professors” from Stanford University, with high caliber experience and extensive experience in both teaching and applied research with world-class organizations. Potential teachers who will join the program of lectures, workshops, coaching and networking activities are Professor Pamela j. Hinds – Professor and Co-Director of the Center for Work, Technology & Operation, Professor Julian Novy – Professor of Practice and Co-Faculty Director of Stanford’s Change Leadership for Sustainability Program and Professor Charles O’Reilly: Professor of Management at the Stanford Graduate School of business, and others.

The LDW 5 program also includes a special program, ULTRA EXPERIENCE: Silicon Valley Immersion, an exclusive visit to the innovation center of start-ups and leading global technology companies like Amazon, Airbnb and Salesforce, as well as hands-on experience of the latest cutting-edge innovations, including Tesla’s self-driving vehicle and the Metaverse virtual world at the Meta Store, and more.

SEAC also helps prepare participants for the program with information to provide foundational knowledge before learning the tools and techniques to use with expert Stanford University faculty who will join in support before, during and after the Campus program to unpack, make sense of and apply learning in your organization.

Kamolwan Wipulakorn Managing Director of Bound & Beyond Public Company Limited, shared her experiences as an alumna who participated in three previous batches of the LDW program: “Joining the LDW program is an eye-opening experience that really allowed me to learn new things with each batch. -first of the LDW 5 provided me with new insights.This program is unique in that it was created specifically for business leaders and senior management in the context of Thai business, and it encompasses an experience of comprehensive learning filled with carefully selected courses. This ensures that the program provides business leaders with the tools they need to steer the business in the right direction. Plus, immerse yourself in the center of innovation with opportunities to learn from leading Silicon Valley companies who share their valuable experiences allowing you to better visualize and solve the problems encountered. SEAC is also a good companion. on from the beginning of the journey, during the course, as well as after the end of the program, as well as support for sharing, using the right tools, working method and ideas to create innovation to help attendees. apply the knowledge to their organizations and improve their business performance in a practical way. »

Executives interested in equipping themselves with essential information for future business opportunities with the LDW 5 program, please contact Prapairat at [email protected] or 086 403 9238.

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