Preserve Resin Memories with Drift Theory Beach Workshops

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Pictured: Students create resin pieces during a workshop on the beach at Drift Theory. Photo courtesy of Drift Theory

With its picturesque beaches and tropical flora, Sarasota has captured the hearts of generations of tourists and locals. Danielle Ferrantino, Owner, Founder and Lead Artist of Drift theory, allows everyone to preserve their memories of Florida in resin, a transparent plastic-like substance. At Drift Theory, Ferrantino not only creates and sells resin jewelry and ornaments that preserve elements of nature like seashells and flowers, but also hosts beach resin workshops for those interested in creating their own memories in resin.

“Drift Theory was born by capturing memories and moments around Sarasota,” says Ferrantino, “and reconnecting people with the little things in the world, helping them see the big picture.” The beach workshops, which can accommodate up to 10 people at a time, start every Monday at 8:30 am on the south beach of Lido, although other days and times can be arranged. Ferrantino meets the students on the beach with snacks and refreshments, then dives into the resin tutorial, where students learn about the material and begin the process of making resin. She then leads a nature adventure walk on the beach, teaching students about the various plants, shells and other materials they can collect. After the walk, the students place their discoveries in resin, which must harden for 24 hours. Ferrantino arranges a time for the students to collect their finished pieces, which also include all necessary hardware, such as jewelry chains in their choice of metal.

“I am happy to share the memory of the students’ experiences in Sarasota forever captured in resin like a little time capsule,” adds Ferrantino. She offers flexibility in her course offerings, encouraging students to make jewelry, ornaments, suncatchers and more. Drift Theory runs workshops in conjunction with other small businesses to create custom pieces and invites students to bring their own materials to classes for preservation.

In addition to beach workshops, Ferrantino hosts classes at various locations around Sarasota-Manatee and frequents farmers markets, where she is eager to share her passion for nature with the community. “Half of our students are locals and the other half are tourists,” she says, “and business is growing fast.”

Beach Resin Workshops: from $75 per person, South Lido Key Beach Park on the Gulf, 2001 Benjamin Franklin Drive, Sarasota, book through Airbnb Experiences Learn more about

Pictured: Students create resin pieces during a workshop on the beach at Drift Theory. Photo courtesy of Drift Theory

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