President Biden heads to COP26 as Air Force One headed to Glasgow

US President Joe Biden is on his way to COP26, with flight radar data revealing Air Force One is on its way to Glasgow.

President Biden left Rome, Italy around 8am this morning bound for the UN summit.

Mr Biden will be one of some 120 leaders who will attend the world leaders event at the start of the two-week conference, which aims to spur action to curb global warming and avert its most dangerous impacts.

He is coming to the UK for two days after attending the G20 leaders’ summit in Rome, which will also be attended by Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

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Aviation enthusiasts followed Air Force One – the modified Boeing plane – as it headed for Scotland.

The plane crossed the Scottish border around 10.30am and began its descent towards Edinburgh Airport.

President Biden is believed to be opting to stay in the capital between the events – meaning he will be among commuters traveling between the two cities for the duration of the summit, despite warnings of huge travel delays and protests potential.

Reports suggest President Biden will be traveling between Edinburgh and Glasgow by road in his car dubbed The Beast.

The Beast is a custom-built 18-foot Cadillac limousine that weighs between 6.5 and 8 tons.

It has plenty of built-in safety measures, with a bulletproof exterior just the start – it can also withstand explosions and give electric shocks via the handles.

Liters of the president’s blood are carried in the car in case of an emergency.

Biden used this car during the G7 summit earlier this summer, while President Obama also used the car for trips abroad.

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