Rashel Díaz hosts morning show on Univision

Rashel Díaz joined the 'Despierta América' team on Univision as a guest host for a week.

Rashel Díaz joined the ‘Despierta América’ team on Univision as a guest host for a week.

Despierta America

After more than a year away from the cameras, Rashel Díaz returned this week to “Despierta America, “The morning program of Univision which is the contest of”Hoy Dia “, on Telemundo. This show was called “A new day” when the Cuban presenter was fired from it on August 7, 2020, amid the pandemic.

“It’s true, lovely family! From this Monday I will be in Despierta América,Rashel announced on social media on Sunday, thanking her followers who constantly write to her saying they want to see her on television because “their wish has been granted.”

“Glad to come back after a year away from the cameras to do something that I am passionate about, connect with you, share with a wonderful team and lovingly serve each of you who watch us,” said Rashel, who was the guest of “Despierta America” in February, celebrating 25 years of professional career.

Rashel told el Nuevo Herald that she will only spend this week working with the “great team” of “Despierta América ”, but that it was news that she was delighted to share with her subscribers, with whom she is in constant contact on social networks.

“I missed the connection with the audience to what’s most common in people’s lives, which is watching TV,” she said, indicating that people identify with someone. one that they see on screen, which makes them feel joy, gives them information that they need. “I’ve been living it for so long, I missed it, I really missed it.”

When asked if she was ready to be in front of the cameras again, or if she was a little rusty, she replied:

“The nerves are still there,” she said with a laugh. “That feeling in your stomach never goes away when you go on the air, especially on a live broadcast, because I respect the profession, the audience, very much. Also, this was a team that I didn’t work with, although I did work with some of them separately. But I didn’t feel rusty, off the court, but I am aware that tomorrow I will do better, and that I will finish even better on Friday, because we gain confidence and the team get to know each other better.

Rashel left Telemundo after 12 years. Last year he fired personalities such as María Celeste Arrarás, host of the show “Al Rojo Vivo ” for nearly two decades. Arrarás announced her return to television in June, with a contract signed with CNN, where she will present a new program, “CNN Docufilms with María Celeste Arrarás”, starting Sunday, October 24.

Guatemalan presenter Héctor Sandarti, who worked with Rashel, was also fired from Telemundo and was one of the first to congratulate her on her premiere as a host.Despierta America. “

“I love the idea !!! Show yourself friend !!! Like always. I love you !!! “said Sandarti, who recently announced his return to Telemundo as host of the reality show”The casa de los Famosos“, which begins on August 24.

Rashel’s business grows

Off-camera, the 48-year-old Cuban presenter has been very active in her Miami real estate projects with her husband, Carlos García, which include renovating her home and other properties for rent with Airbnb. It also continues to develop its online sales with Monat and its own Labanashop site, which offers accessories and jewelry in its mark.

It is not yet known whether his return to “Despierta America ” will expand to more episodes. Created in 1997, “Despierta America ” is the most powerful morning show on Spanish-language television and is directed by veteran television producer, Colombian Luz María Doria. It has been hosted by such figures as Giselle Blondet and Chiquinquirá Delgado, and today a long list of presenters is on set, including Francisca Lachapel, Karla Martínez, Alan Tacher and Raúl González.

Univision announced last week that Elizabeth Cotte was promoted to director and executive producer in charge of the Digital Edition newscast, Despierta América, Noticias y Proyectos Especiales, which involves a new vision and surely the exploration of how the public sees real-life personalities on television who also have a strong following on social media.

Instagram’s role in the careers of María Celeste, Rashel and other TV personalities cannot be overlooked as they have millions of people following them in all of their endeavors. This undoubtedly gives new power to those personalities who grew up on television and who today have spread their wings in other fields, such as the business world.

Rashel stressed that it is the figure’s responsibility to continue to care for and develop the relationship with the audience and give it valuable content.

“I will remain dedicated to my business. Over the past year, if there is anything that I have learned, it is that we are able to accomplish what we set out to do. When I left TV, I opened my eyes to entrepreneurship, without being afraid, without depending on a check, ”said Rashel, saying she was considering launching a new line of items.

“Coming to this show is part of the freedom I’ve enjoyed lately,” she concluded.

Sarah Moreno is a temas de negocios, en entenimiento y tendencias en el sur de la Florida. Graduated from the Universidad de La Habana and from Florida International University.

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