Rebel Reporters on the Ground at Convoy Commission, World Health Summit in Berlin

As the independent commission investigating Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s unprecedented decision to invoke the Emergencies Act in response to anti-vaccine mandate protests earlier this year heads into its second week of review. public hearings, Rebel News is working hard to deliver on its promise to “make sure Trudeau’s little dogs in the mainstream media can’t rewrite history” by airing near real-time coverage of the proceedings.

As promised during their “Trucker Commission” crowdfunding campaign, they have “rented a large Airbnb right next to the commission”, which serves as a “studio…field office and living space” for the rotation. of the 15 rebel journalists who “travel through” Rebelof the temporary Ottawa headquarters by the scheduled end of the testimony phase at the end of November.

In a pre-hearing special, Rebel Commander Ezra Levant reminded media correspondent in Ottawa, William Diaz-Berthiaume, that with the prime minister — who he says “just doesn’t believe in civil liberties” — scheduled to testify next month, “you and I will have the opportunity to ask questions for him (it) will infuriate him and, frankly, infuriate much of the media party, because… they are the ones who blackballed us from the parliamentary press gallery.

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