Rent Responsably announces Futurestay growth and partnership

WE: Short-term rental defense organization Rent Responsably announced growth in two new markets of Summit County, Colorado, and Scottsdale, Arizona, and a new partnership with the Futurestay operating platform.

Rent Responsably provides alliance management services and support to local short-term rental alliances and associations. Together with its partners, the organization enables local leaders to create self-sustaining organizations that develop the professionalism of their hosts, engage with the local community, stand up for themselves at town hall, connect with local businesses, and more. Again.

David Krauss, Co-Founder and CEO of Rent Responsibility, said: “The desire to welcome communities and small business stakeholders to come together in every city is greater than ever, and the value that local alliances create for their communities is amazing. . We make it easy for local leaders and our platform makes community building simple, efficient and sustainable.

“So this brings us immense enthusiasm to support local leaders in Summit County and Scottsdale who are focused on building sustainable, solution-oriented organizations,” he added.

The latest alliance to join the Rent Responsibility platform is the Summit Alliance of Vacation Rental Managers. [SAVRM] in Summit County, Colorado. The county is home to some of Colorado’s most popular destinations, including Breckenridge.

Toby Babich, founder of SAVRM, president of the Vacation Rental Management Association [VRMA], and owner of Breckenridge Resort Managers, said: “By partnering with Rent Responsably, our organization is able to accelerate and improve our advocacy efforts and achieve better results for our members. Our ultimate goal is to protect our local industry and continue to serve our community by educating, advocating and providing solutions to our collective problems, and Rent Responsably will make it much easier for us to do that. “

In Arizona, Rent Responsibility Expands Support for New Scottsdale Short-Term Rental Alliance [SSTRA].

John Hildebrand, SSTRA Board Member and Owner of Hilde Homes, said: “Scottsdale has been waiting for a long time for an organized host group to show the city that the vast majority of hosts and managers are responsible operators. who bring value to our community, and I am honored to be a part of SSTRA. Working with Rent Responsibility is a great opportunity to have a positive and productive conversation about short-term rentals, not only in Scottsdale, but throughout Arizona.

The Rent Responsably platform is partly supported by industrial partnerships.

Krauss said, “We bring together industry leaders and experts to help educate the short-term rental community, and Futurestay is the perfect partner. When we all row in the same direction, we can build solutions faster and for more communities.

“These partnerships are win-win-win,” he added.

Launched in 2015, Future stay is an operating system for short-term rentals, enabling thousands of small property management companies in over 120 countries to thrive in the complex hospitality industry. Futurestay OS ™ gives independent managers a roadmap to success, automating distribution across major channels, increasing direct bookings and maximizing revenue.

Winner of numerous innovation awards, Futurestay’s mission is to “change the industry to bring a simple and transparent operating system to every independent short-term rental manager”.

Futurestay CEO Philip Kennard said: “Ensuring that the short-term rental industry progresses together after a year like 2020 is extremely important. Futurestay is honored to partner with Rent Responsably to empower short-term rental owners to start their own businesses and help the industry meet these challenges.

“Our teams live and breathe the short-term rental industry and are passionate about creating a bright future together,” he added.

Futurestay joins five others founding partners – Vrbo, Breezeway, Key Data Dashboard, NoiseAware and Proper Insurance – each chosen for their ‘exemplary’ defense of the short-term rental industry through responsible rental standards, professionalization, advocacy and community building . Through partnerships with Futurestay and these other companies, Rent Responsably says it can further support short-term sustainable rental alliances and strong leadership boards in 2021 and beyond.

Co-founded in 2019 by David Krauss and Alexa Nota, Rent Responsibility is a community development and education platform for local short-term rental alliances. Its alliance management tools and services are designed to help local leaders build successful and self-sustaining organizations of short-term rental hosts, managers, and all other stakeholders.

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