Rent Scottie Pippen’s Chicago area home on Airbnb during the Olympics

The legendary star of the NBA Scottie Pippen was a Hall of Famer in the field. His contributions alongside the superstar Michael jordan were one of the highlights of last year’s fascinating documentary about their team, the Chicago Bulls, in the 1990s, “The Last Dance”.

However, the six-time NBA champion has had much less luck selling his Chicago-area home. It has bounced back in and out of the market over the years, having debuted in 2016 with an asking price of just under $ 3.1 million. Over the years, the price has been reduced several times.

Most recently, the Highland Park home was available for $ 2.1 million, which is less than the $ 2.25 million Pippen paid for the place in 2004.

Now the Bulls big, who retired from the NBA in 2004 after 17 seasons, is trying a new strategy. He’s temporarily placing his memorabilia-filled property on Airbnb, working with the vacation rental company, which is promoting homestays in conjunction with the upcoming Tokyo Summer Olympics.

Scottie Pippen in his house full of memories


In order to become a vacation rental, the Chicago-area suburban residence was taken off the market and featured an Olympic decor theme. Pippen himself was an Olympian and a member of the Barcelona Games gold medalist Dream Team in 1992.

“Ball out at the home of Olympian Scottie Pippen,” the list opens, followed by an invitation from Pippen himself. “In honor of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, I invite basketball fans to my home in Chicago to relive one of the highlights of my career: participating in the Barcelona 1992 Olympic Games. that you are nurturing the next generation. Olympians from my field.

And he means field in more than one way: there is a real indoor basketball court in the house, emblazoned with Pippen’s number 33, from the time of the Bulls.


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Reservations open Thursday, July 22 for three stays on August 2, 4 and 6, scheduled to be able to broadcast hoops live from Tokyo.

The cost for up to four people to use two of the home’s bedrooms and one bathroom is just $ 92 a night, in honor of the year Pippen won gold at the Olympics.

Guests will not have all of the nearly 10,000 square foot living area, which includes a total of two master suites and six bedrooms.

Scottie Pippen’s home in Highland Park




Dining kitchen




Swimming pool with slide


But those lucky enough to secure a reservation will receive a virtual welcome upon check-in from Pippen himself.

They can also take advantage of the many perks of home, like using Pippen’s personal movie theater to watch the Olympics, including men’s and women’s basketball. You will also be able to watch footage from the team’s historic 1992 race in Barcelona.

Or they can cool off in the pool, which has an outdoor TV, so you can stay on top of the competition even while sunbathing on the patio.

The house also has an arcade, for a more relaxed competition, and the indoor sports field to practice your jump shot. Then relax in the sauna after your workout, cook a meal in the kitchen, and of course, soak up the memories of Pippen’s glory days.

Pippen is hoping to inject some excitement into an ad that hasn’t garnered much interest from buyers over the years.

If the short breaks prove to be successful, Pippen could be inspired to gift Airbnb his Florida home, which is still on the market in Fort Lauderdale.

This waterfront estate, priced at $ 12 million, has been on and off the market for over a decade.

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