REVEALED: Which Irish towns are on the list of ‘Best European Towns to raise a family?’

Galway has been recognized as the sixth best city in Europe to raise a family, while Dublin, the Irish capital, trails 60 places and 66th on the table.

The findings were published by online language-learning platform Preply on Tuesday with the aim “to inspire parents and future parents looking for a change of scenery while also considering the possibility for a child to thrive”.

Nadiia Mykhalevych, Preply revealed that 130 European cities were analyzed through education; health and security; and leisure and lifestyle. “We scored each city based on a combination of factors, including number of teachers per student, educational attractions, recreational spaces, free healthcare, length of maternity/paternity, and more. “

The Irish capital has been voted the worst city to raise a family in Ireland. It ranked number 66 on the European table. Photo: Getty.

Funchal, located on the Portuguese island of Madeira, was voted the best city in Europe to raise a family due to its high ranking in all three categories.

At the other end of the table, London was rated as Europe’s worst city to raise a family, ranking at 97, ‘Unfortunately higher crime rates, pollution levels and a lack of choice of educational attractions compared to other cities, the lowest ranking overall is the city of London, UK, followed by another UK city of Coventry,” the report said.

Galway made the top ten in the rankings, coming in at sixth, due to its large number of leisure and lifestyle opportunities, and offering plenty of green space and sports centres.

raising a family, Galway

Galway has been named in the Top 10 European cities to raise a family. Image: Getty Images

Galway also ranked in the top 10 for best air quality in Europe.

Cork came in at number 25 on the list, followed by Limerick at number 29. Belfast was ranked at number 35.

Dublin has been dubbed the worst city in Ireland to raise a family, ranking 66th overall.

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