Reyna’s Tacos serves San Angelo with a new location but the same familiar menu items

This week’s Food Truck Friday highlights the story of a San Angelo staple.

SAN ANGELO, Texas — A plate of three tacos is served fresh off the stove with cilantro, salsa roja, queso fresco and other ingredients on top.

In San Angelo, this iconic meal can be found at Reyna’s Tacos, a Mexican food truck known for its staples.

“It’s really our, I guess, our family heritage,” co-owner Anna Reyna said.

Anna and her husband Orlando opened their first restaurant at Sunset Mall in 2016. However, after about six months in business, Orlando came up with a new vision for the taco restaurant: opening a food truck.

“Then my husband had the idea of ​​buying a food truck and at the time, there weren’t many here…”, says Anna.

For about three years, the couple served fresh food from midnight to 3 a.m. in a downtown parking lot near local bars.

After a while, however, they decided to change location again to a more permanent location.

Reyna’s tacos reopened on S. Abe Street and according to Anna, “This place was a real blessing…God really led us to this place and we stayed there for almost five years, I guess.”

Through the struggles with COVID and inflation, Reyna’s has remained active in the community.

Now, in 2023, the restaurant has moved next door to 334 W Concho Ave. with more outdoor seating full of lights, art and of course bistek and pastor tacos.

Most food truck employees are family members, including Anna and Orlando’s daughter. They hope that their son will soon work at the truck as well.

Either way, all employees are treated like family at Reyna.

In fact, Orlando’s parents, Felipe and Rosa, owned Reyna’s barbecue for 26 years in San Angelo, which originally served barbecues and breakfast burritos.

“That’s where it all came from, was wanting to continue his legacy,” Anna said.

Instead of barbecue, the tradition of Reyna will now continue through tacos.

Additionally, a house on the property will soon be used as an Airbnb where visitors can spend the night.

For now, Anna and Orlando are trying to stay optimistic about Reyna’s Tacos’ future.

“Right now we are definitely in survival mode, but we are praying that the city of San Angelo will continue to support us,” Anna said.

“And we promise to do everything we can to make it a really cool and unique place for people to visit when they come,” she added.

Tacos de Reyna is open Tuesday through Saturday each week and they are excited for new possibilities.

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