Rio closes gay circuit party for violation of COVID rules: “Now go home Queens and quarantine yourself” – WATCH

Thousands of shot and dilated revelers were kicked out of the Festa Revolution gay circuit event in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on Tuesday after it was shut down by authorities for violating overcrowding (social distancing?) And masks (it there was none).

GloboNews reported that police and firefighters put an end to the event on Tuesday night at the Faro Beach Club in the city’s Leblon neighborhood. About 2,000 people were present and the party was not allowed according to the firefighters. Police were called due to the number of complaints the Secretary of Civil Defense had received about violations of COVID-19 rules.

“On the ticket purchase page, the party organization had informed that all security protocols required by public agencies were strictly followed and observed,” GloboNews added, “but there was no one wearing a mask in the videos taken at the party.” These videos were shared on social networks.

One Twitter user wrote: “My God! Watch the Coronafest happening RIGHT NOW in Rio! Revolution by Rosane Amaral (the promoter). Nobody will do anything? “

Then someone did something.

Wrote the Gays Over COVID Instagram account, which documents gay men who violate COVID restrictions: “Revolution:” a sudden, complete or marked change. The @revolutionparty in Rio had its own revolution tonight. Brazil is not playing. They closed it. Now come home queens and quarantine yourself. “

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