rising prices due to increased demand

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The bill for a night on Airbnb has never been higher. The average price of a night in accommodation offered on the platform is on the rise almost everywhere in the world. In France, prices have jumped by more than 15% over the past four years.

Plus 16% in France, plus 40% in the United States and Canada. This globalized price surge on Airbnb particularly affects tourist cities, including capitals and seaside resorts. In Paris, for example, you have to spend an average of 80 euros more than in 2019 to find independent accommodation.

Why do landlords improve their rates? This increase is explained by a significant increase in demand, as well as by the arrival of many real estate investors on the market.


This professionalization has led to a move upmarket in housing, which is now offered at exorbitant prices. The trend is all the more important in cities where landlords are subject to restrictions for the rental of short-term properties.

As a result, travelers are increasingly turning to homestays, which are much cheaper today on the platform.

Still, the big winner of this price push is Airbnb. The American company posted record revenues in the third quarter of 2022, with sales of $2.9 billion. Contacted by The world, the group nevertheless believes that prices have been stable since the beginning of 2021 in France “.

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