Rob Gronkowski says yes to return to Buccaneers if this player If

The NFL Draft is over and Rob Gronkowski was there, reminiscing about 12 years ago in April when he was a young buck drafted by the New England Patriots. Gronk wore a yellow and green jacket, as part of his endorsement deal with Subway sandwiches with his father and brothers. The highlight of the Subway booth was the famous “gronk spike” of a Subway sandwich. It was messy but fun to watch.

During an interview with Sports Illustratedthe infamous football striker and winner of four championship rings, talks about what a great memory it was to be drafted and surrounded by his family.

Screenshot from YouTube video

Screenshot from YouTube video

Gronk also shares with SI what advice he would give to new drafts. He tells them to start taking care of their bodies from an early age and it will prolong their careers. About Tom Brady, Gronk says he thinks Brady can play until he’s 50. As impossible as it may seem, Gronk has full faith in his quarterback, like most fans.

Bryan Steffy for Getty Images for Encore Beach Cl

Bryan Steffy for Getty Images for Encore Beach Club. Gronk with Julian Edelman on stage

Pressed by SI, if Julian Edelman signed with the Buccaneers, would Gronk come back to play more football. He responds by saying “Oh yeah, if Julian signs with the Bucs right now, I’m coming back for another whole year.” There was no doubt or hesitation in his voice.

Gronk also recalled his childhood days watching Subway sandwich commercials and biking to the store to get the $5 meatball sub. He was happy to partner with Subway for the NFL Draft.

Now, about that sandwich tip…look at this.

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