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DAYTON — Anyone who’s been a fan of the TV show ‘Friends’ knows that every show begins with the words ‘The One.’ Well, it’s the one where Monica and Rachel’s apartment is actually a house.

Rachel Gannon, owner of ‘Friends House’, said: “My husband and I have another themed Airbnb, like the Haunted Mansion near Disney World in Florida. We started thinking about other fun things we can do. do and there is nothing I know better than this show.

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Gannon is a real estate agent. She said she spent months rewatching the show, taking notes and shopping online to prepare for the home makeover.

“The race car bed was the biggest problem. People like it the most. I found it online and sent my husband to Toledo to pick it up,” Gannon said.

For five months, people were able to stay at the friends-themed house through Airbnb, but when it put the house up for sale, the internet took the internet by storm.

“It’s just crazy. The number of people who sent in stuff they saw online. I have friends in Florida. My sister was at a conference in Colorado this week and there are people who were talking about it,” Gannon said.

There are so many little Easter eggs all over the house that you have to explore to appreciate. News Center 7’s James Rider visited the house on Monday and his favorite is Hugsy who is a stuffed penguin.

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Although Gannon doesn’t necessarily want to sell the house, she said she needs to free up time for other projects.

“It was pretty cool to get some recognition for something that I worked really, really hard on, but had a lot of fun doing,” Gannon said.

The door may soon be closed to people and fans. They may need to take advantage of the door from the road and the photos and videos already posted on the internet as the house currently has a pending offer.

The house will be listed on Airbnb for another week or two. Second Life Restorations did some rehabilitation on the house before Gannon decorated it. Next Gen Hardwood did the flooring to set the stage for Gannon’s hard work.

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