Salem has a bewitching and magical Airbnb you can rent

The season is when trips to Salem are commonplace and the spirit of Halloween fills the air — especially in this one Airbnb you can rent.

I, for one, am not that big of a spooky holiday, but I can understand why so many people go out of their way. It’s a time when we can be really creative. Speaking of creativity, I came across this Airbnb This will be every Halloween lover’s dream… or should I say a nightmare?

The space can accommodate up to six people, so plenty of room for you and the family.

Liann, the owner of this Airbnb and a longtime resident of the house, does a great job describing the experience. She has done everything possible for decoration and comfort.

“Your enchanting experience should begin the moment you enter the place where you plan to hang your (pointed) hat,” she wrote. “It’s a bubbling cauldron for the senses, blending the whimsical fun and festivities of Halloween with the mysteries of Salem witchcraft.”

Although I think it would be a great adventure for the whole family, the host warns that this place is not for young children who are easily spooked.

Now, this experience can cost you dearly, but probably because it’s the scary season and the demand is high. The average cost per night is just over $1,000, and yes, the weekend before Halloween is already booked.

Take a look around:

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