Sapulpa’s Teepee Drive-In Turns Into a Spartan Airbnbs Caravan

Another step in the restoration of the Teepee Drive-In Theater is underway in Sapulpa!

12 1950s-themed Spartan trailers are currently being turned into AirBnBs in hopes of bringing more people to town!

“We wanted to make it a little more unique than just a drive-in,” said Sarah Lehew of Kante Group.

Let’s take a trip back to 1950 but stay in Sapulpa – and do it in style!

“We just thought it would be a fun idea to restore them and bring them back to life,” Lehew said.

That’s the idea of ​​Main Street. This is the first of what will hopefully be twelve fully refurbished 1950s-themed Spartan trailers.

“The Spartans we have so far – the oldest is from 1949 and the newest is from 1959,” Lehew said.

Each will be parked at Sapulpa’s Teepee Drive-In Theater when it reopens next year, and people will be able to rent them through AirBnB.

“Most of these Spartans have big windows where they can just look out and see the movie,” Lehew said.

This is the first trailer out of the gate.

“That’s where we learned what we wanted and how to do it. They did a great job renovating it and making it look so cute,” Lehew said.

The goal is for 4 or 5 of them to be completed by spring 2022, the rest will unfold slowly after that.”

The Action Restauration et Construction team is carrying out the renovation work.

“We’re always up for a challenge,” said Daniel Briggs of Action Restoration and Construction.

“That’s probably been the most rewarding part of seeing how excited the community is for the opening of the Teepee Drive-In,” Lehew said.

In 2022- you can stop at Sapulpa and time jump for the night and then continue your journey along Route 66.

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