Schools on Lake Orion now require the use of transparent backpacks

When students in the Lake Orion School District return to school on Monday, December 13, see-through backpacks will be required. Geographically, Lake Orion is the closest school district to Oxford High School, the site of a deadly November 30 shooting that left four high school dead.

A statement from the administrators of the Lake Orion community schools issued a Oakland press statement, claiming that they have implemented a number of suggestions regarding increased security in the district.

The Lake Orion Community Schools Administration is constantly reviewing and improving the safety and security measures in schools and buildings in the district. The LOCS staff and community have provided great support in recent days, offering suggestions on safety and security measures and everyone is accepted and appreciated.

The statement then explains the reason for the transparent backpack requirement.

“Moving Lake Orion High School to clean the backpacks is another step in this process. We have had a tremendous response from the community, including donations for families in need, around the announcement of the switch to clear backpacks when students return to in-person learning next week and we appreciate this link. Instead of eliminating backpacks, we are moving towards the clear version because students need items to continue their quality education.

Law enforcement will be present in some school buildings and students may be subjected to verbal questions when entering buildings to facilitate a safer learning environment.

Mandatory use of transparent backpacks has increased in recent years since the deadly school shooting in Parkland, Fla. In 2018.

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Check out the images, along with Buzz’s custom captions, below.

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