Scotland’s rudest place names, from ‘Brawl’ to ‘Twatt’

Shitterton, Wetwang and Stranagalwilly are just some of the intriguing town and village names you’ll find on a new map of the UK’s ‘Rudest Place Names’.

The fun card, created by dating advice specialists mydatingadviser.comincludes seven locations across Scotland.

Travelers could pass through several locations with names such as Brawl, Brokenwind, Lost, and Whiterashes as they traveled through Scotland.

These fascinating locations see people traveling from across the UK to pose with their street signs for photos.

Scottish places named on the ‘Rude’ list

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The most famous of these in Scotland is Twatt on Orkney.

Writing about the now famous site, the My Dating Adviser team wrote: “This is a small settlement on the Orkney Islands. The name comes from the Old Norse þveit, which means “small piece of land”.

“Twatt is a great destination to explore Scotland’s Orkney Islands in their rugged beauty. Not to be confused with another Twatt in the Shetland Islands.”

In total, there are 77 rude UK place names on the site’s curated list, which you can find hereaccompanied by the map.

Other Scottish sites include Dull and the Bastard.

The seven “harsh” Scottish towns and villages

Dull, Perth and Kinross

The Bastard, Argyll and Bute

Sodom, Shetland Isles

Twatt, Orkney

Broken Wind, Aberdeenshire

Whiterashes, Aberdeenshire

Brawl, Thurso

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