Vacationer left speechless after finding X-rated message in hotel room bible

A holidaymaker staying in an English hotel room has been stunned after finding a cheeky message scrawled on the back of a Bible.

The tourist was flipping through the religious text – which is often kept on hotel bedside tables – when he noticed the handwriting on the back.

Sharing the discovery on Reddit, they uploaded a video leaving Britons cracking up.

On the CasualUK forum, they captioned the clip: “Found in an English hotel room”.

The poster, A-Ron-Ron, showed someone opening the bedside table and pulling out a brown leather bible.

They turned the pages until they came to one of the last, usually blank pages.

On the page were written the words: “Two guys had sex in this bed!” Enjoy.”

The note made some commentators blush

Over 5,000 people have liked the post and over 300 have commented on it.

One person noted, “Imagine staying in a hotel and checking the last page of the Bible!”

While another added: “Just two? I would guess hundreds in most hotel beds.

And a joker said, “You just wrote that, didn’t you?”

While another wrote: “Classic. I loved writing “Best wishes, God x” in front of the hotel bibles.

“‘I still want to add ‘Signed by Author’ stickers on the cover,” added another.

“I would just invest the time to write my own gospel, what else are the white pages for,” laughed one Briton.

Other tales shared of things they had found in hotel drawers.

A poster read: “I once stayed in a hotel where a used condom was squished into the Bible…”

And, a second noted: ‘I found a pregnancy test in a once. I was 14 at the time, so I was horrified.

Some posters were unhappy with the rating
Some posters were unhappy with the rating

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But not everyone laughed at the joke as some disagreed with the scripture in the religious book.

An angry poster noted, “I’m not religious myself, but I really don’t agree with defacing a religious book that would be important to a lot of people, not all of whom would be homophobic.”

While another added: “Wow… well they told them. Childish. Plus it disfigures someone else’s possessions/properties.

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