Secret Sesh LA to Launch Cannabis-Powered NFT Collection and Metaverse Community

Owning an NFT of Secret Sesh will be their new form of lifetime membership to all future physical and digital events. Additionally, Secret Sesh has partnered with cannabis brands and retailers across the country to offer special discounts to owners of these NFTs.

California cannabis companies such as Greenwolf and Moxie have been announced as collaborators with other partnerships to be unveiled over the coming months.

Secret Sesh NFTs also offer games to win and provide access to digital spaces. They currently have a build space with VR pool and beer pong with more games to come.

CEO Tim Brown and his team seek to bring Secret Sesh to a global audience of crypto and cannabis enthusiasts.

“We’re building our own world, and without a VR headset, people will be able to walk around, have conversations, and have a digital experience similar to the real-world Secret Sesh. In 10-20 years, real events could look very different. We want to be Creating digital spaces and accepting crypto as payment from sponsors will allow us to grow in the development of Web3. Tim Brown noted.

Join Secret Sesh NFT’s Discord and follow the official Twitter to begin participating in their rapidly growing Metaverse community and become one of 2,500 unique WL roles that will be able to create up to two NFT Seshers.

About Secret Sesh LA: CEO Tim Brown and Secret Sesh made a name for themselves hosting private and (later) public recreational cannabis gatherings at Southern California. What started at Airbnbs and friends turned into mansions, and eventually, a nightclub and festival ground.

Secret Sesh offers a friendly place to enjoy cannabis culture while keeping it alive with premium brands, games, activations, and delicious food trucks. Over the years, attendance has grown from dozens to more than 10,000. A passion project intended to welcome local weed connoisseurs now stands proud, hosting events on a much larger scale, licensed and professional.

Contact information:
Joey Brabo
RP @ Secret Sesh
E-mail: [email protected]

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