ARC Otsego says thank you to longtime psychiatrist

Dr. Celeste Johns is retiring from the Bassett Healthcare Network after 32 years. The psychiatrist has spent the past 12 years working with people with disabilities at Arc Otsego.

“I’ve seen adult patients with developmental disabilities who also had mental health issues,” Dr. Johns said in an interview with CNY News. “People with intellectual disabilities are people who have challenges in terms of intellectual ability.”

People with developmental disabilities “mean that patients may have problems with day-to-day functioning. Sometimes they’re non-verbal, sometimes they have behavioral issues that they can’t control,” Dr Johns said.

She said her work had many rewards. “I loved seeing how my patients were able to manage their lives to the best of their abilities,” Dr. Johns said. “Over the years they have really grown in terms of their ability to operate.”

Treatment can take various forms. “I would provide psychiatric care,” Dr. Johns said. “If they had psychiatric issues, I would help them assess them and prescribe medication.”

Arc Otsego is a social service agency that provides support and advocacy services to people with physical and mental disabilities. The Arc Otsego recognized the achievements of Dr. Johns for providing a compassionate presence to all patients.

“All of Dr. Johns’ patients have benefited from his expertise, empathy and knowledge,” said Karen Bazan, Director of Nursing and Health Services at Arc Otsego. Dr. Johns, 67, will stay in the area and take on a new challenge managing a mental health and addictions program for insurance company Fidelis.

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