Seven trips for Mother’s Day to take together between moms and daughters

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and as travel restrictions are lifted around the world, people are increasingly looking for experiences rather than possessions, to share priceless moments with loved ones. After an increase in searches for “women-only tours” before March 27, Tours in Trafalgar revealed the 7 best mother-daughter trips you can book right now.

Each trip is filled with unique experiences and the opportunity to form deeper connections along the way, such as meeting other inspiring women while on tour, including women artisans, entrepreneurs and pioneers across the world. world. You can learn about Umbrian weaving in Italy with Marta Cucchia – the woman who continues this ancient tradition. Or visit the village of Demircidere and bake traditional bread with Turkey’s most liberated women.

Donna Jeavoirs, Sales and Marketing Director for Trafalgar, said: “Mother’s Day is going to be a very special celebration this month, given the difficulties of spending quality time together over the past two years. We’ve seen a surge in demand for ‘women only’ travel experiences this spring, prompting us to launch a range of tours dedicated to this audience. The trips were created by women, for women – and the itineraries are perfect for mother-daughter time abroad.“

Italy Bellissimo (women only)

If toasting epic Tuscan sunsets, soaking up the sunny sophistication of Italy’s most popular cities, and tasting olive oil in a real Italian borgo with your mom sounds like your idea of ​​perfection, then this trip is for you. You will spend a unique night in a completely renovated former Franciscan monastery near Santa Maria degli Angeli, built to accommodate pilgrims visiting Assisi. And you can make your trip meaningful with two unique experiences that give back to the communities you visit; meet the Alliance for Craft Enterprise in Perugia and learn about the history of Italian hand weaving during a private demonstration, and see how your visit helps preserve this traditional art form. Or learn about the history and ancient skill of Venetian glassblowing, playing your part in ensuring the survival of this traditional craft. As a mother and daughter duo, you’ll also travel like VIPs and get early access to the Vatican Museum to marvel at Michelangelo’s magnificent work in the Sistine Chapel before the crowds arrive.

Greek island jumper

Get away from your busy lives and slow down the world on this Greek Isles Hopper and learn how locals enjoy life on the islands of Santorini and Mykonos. Take a relaxing trip to the southern tip of mainland Greece to see the fifth-century BC Temple of Poseidon at Sounion. See if you can spot where Byron carved his initials on one of the temple’s sixteen columns. Marvel at the rugged beauty of the coast and hold on to your mother as you gaze up at the ancient temple perched above a 197-foot drop to the Aegean Sea below. If heights aren’t your thing, board our wooden ‘caique’ boat to a dormant volcano and soak in the hot springs which give a natural spa feeling with its thermal waters and warm mud full of healing properties. It’s better to buy your mom flowers anytime!

The best of Portugal

This best of Trip to Portugal reveals a nation’s proud history, friendly locals and comforting cuisine with plenty of sights and lovely restaurants for you to enjoy as a couple. Savor the flavors of Portugal’s centuries-old port heritage and learn about its local production during a tasting in a port wine cellar. Or delve into Lisbon’s centuries-old maritime heritage, paying homage to the brave men who set out from these shores to discover the ‘New World’. Our local specialist will take you to see the shimmering white Monument to the Discoveries, the iconic suspension bridge spanning the Tagus River and the Belém Tower, built like a fortress protecting the city of Lisbon. And you’ll immerse yourself in culture on a guided tour of the UNESCO-listed Jerónimos Monastery, an exquisite testimony to 16th-century Manueline architecture and art.

Turkey Highlights (Ladies Only)

A challenging adventure that takes you along centuries-old trade routes that connected East and West, revealing all the Turkey Highlights. You will stay in a unique hotel next to the ancient rock castle of Ortahisar, where many rooms are carved into the surrounding rock. During the day, head to Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar – one of the largest covered markets in the world with 60 streets and over 5,000 shops – to pick up souvenirs from your trip. And make your trip meaningful by meeting Turkey’s most liberated women in the village of Demircidere. Having elected their first female muhtar in 1933, the women of the village work side by side with the men to create a balanced and egalitarian community. During your journey, you will meet the local women, where they will host a dinner welcoming you into their homes to find out what makes their community so special.

Best of Devon & Cornwall (Ladies Only)

There’s loads to see and do together about it whirlwind adventure across Devon and Cornwall. You will discover the legend of King Arthur at Tintagel Castle and learn how the monks of Buckfast Abbey lived for centuries. Savor an exclusive Be My Guest cream tea at The Old Forge, the former family home of Jane Seymour, one of Henry VIII’s six wives. And enjoy a guided tour of Longleat House, the seat of the Marquesses of Bath and one of the finest stately homes open to the public. Stroll through its grand halls showcasing priceless collections of artwork, antiques and tapestries collected over 15 generations and admire Capability Brown’s exquisitely landscaped grounds. Next, you’ll stop in the picturesque village of Lacock – with its honey-coloured stone cottages and 15th-century inns that served as the iconic setting for famous films such as ‘Pride & Prejudice’, ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘Downton’ Abbey”. ‘.

Best of Eastern Canada

Offering the best of all things Eastern, take your mother on this Eastern Canada Tour to revel in Canada’s cosmopolitan cities, its French and British heritage and its majestic landscapes. Witness the power of Mother Nature as you travel to Niagara Falls and embark on an exhilarating boat ride to the base of Horseshoe Falls. And tune into Canada’s oldest musical dinner – Canada Oh Canada, Eh! With 26 award-winning seasons, you’ll experience Canada from coast to coast as you encounter a singing Mountie, lumberjacks, Anne of Green Gables and even a hockey player. Presentation of a Canadian-inspired performance, paying tribute to more than 30 professional artists from Canada. This is an event not to be missed !

Enchanting Emerald Isle (women only)

If you don’t want to travel too far this Mother’s Day, enter this plus enchanting journeys of ireland in place. Breathe in the fresh air of Galway and take a trip along the longest river in the British Isles, the River Shannon is immortalized in songs and legends. The majestic cruise will take you through the stunning rolling countryside of Counties Leitrim and Roscommon, and is the perfect place to spend some quality time together. If you fancy an Irish drink, visit a boutique distillery, where Poitín and Irish whiskey are made using the traditional Irish pot still. Your private guide will explain the process to you as you walk through the working distillery, which uses the best traditional methods. You will then be guided through a tasting of these two sought-after spirits. And make your trip meaningful by helping to preserve the Cliffs of Moher for generations to come, learning about its extraordinary geology, history and the species that find refuge in its nooks and crannies.

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