You can rent Bad Bunny’s Big Rig on Airbnb for just $91 and VIP concert tickets are included

Music artist Bad Bunny is now a host on Airbnband he invites a few lucky guests to see his concert as well as stay in his super stylish big rig at Florida.

The Puerto Rican rapper opens the doors of his trailer for three nights on April 6, 7 and 8, coinciding with the final stop of his El Ultimo Tour Del Mundo 2022 tour in Miami.

The price is just $91 per person, and it comes with VIP tickets to his sold-out Miami tour – if you’re lucky enough to book it in time!

“I want to open the doors of my truck to share with my fans what life on the road has been like in which they helped write history,” he said on the Airbnb post.

Bad Bunny sitting in a chair and reading a newspaper in his big truck.Airbnb

The assignmentwhich is called “El Último Big Rig”, invites guests to book and stay in Bunny’s iconic custom-designed 53-foot semi-truck, where he usually hangs out and writes his songs.

One-night stays are open for two guests each, and the $91 price tag is a nod to its record 9.1 billion Spotify vapers in 2021.

Bad Bunny's tall rig kitchen.Bad Bunny’s tall rig kitchen.Airbnb

Guests will receive a virtual welcome from Bad Bunny, although he won’t be crashing with his visitors after the concert.

The interior of the large deck is decorated with homages to some of Bunny’s most iconic and popular music videos, as well as touches that reflect his Puerto Rican roots.

Guests will be able to enjoy the large rig’s powerful sound system and can even do a photo op with the vehicle.

Bad Bunny in his living room.  Right: the sofa.Bad Bunny in his living room. Right: the sofa.Airbnb

Booking opens on Airbnb at 1 p.m. EDT on Tuesday, March 29.

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