Shakespeare’s Juliet’s house is on Airbnb and you can stay there – on Valentine’s Day, no less

When you think of the greatest love stories in history, there are two names that probably float to the top of the list — if not totally take the cake. The romance of Romeo and Juliet is one for the ages, and it has proven to be a timeless barometer for all others across literature and film. That said, if you’re thinking of a great place to set the mood for a Valentine’s Day holiday with your sweetheart, where better to go than the balcony where it all started? Shakespeare’s Juliet’s house is on Airbnb – yes, the real deal – and you can only stay there for one night this February 14th.

La Casa di Giulietta (aka Juliet’s House) is a 13th-century townhouse in Verona, Italy that has long been considered the home of the heroine. Now the place functions mainly as a museum, but this Valentine’s day the popular vacation booking site has partnered with the Club Juliet give a lucky couple the chance to spend an unforgettable night there.

From now until midnight February 2, contestants can enter by writing a letter to Juliette’s “secretaries”, sharing their own epic love stories in the hope of winning the coveted stay, which also includes a private dinner prepared by a Michelin-starred chef and a Shakespeare-themed city tour. Another authentic item? The bedroom is complete with Juliet’s bed from the 1968 film adaptation.


But if you and your mate aren’t lucky enough to win this once-in-a-lifetime deal, you should still consider heading to this love capital for some serious romantic vacation – even if you are Single and focus on some love of self. Ahead, find a few other great rentals that are practically equally ideal for setting the mood – and you can book a few of them. Airbnb Experienceslike a romantic photo session in Verona or one city ​​food and wine tour while you are there. Either way, you will feel the love.

Starting at just $50 a night, this bright, newly remodeled rental is located in central Verona with great city views. Book here.

At $72 per night and up, this home features authentic architectural elements, but with all the modern conveniences. Plus, it’s a short walk to shops and sights like the Arena and Piazza delle Erbe. Book here.

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