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This bridesmaid thing is anxiety-provoking even by proxy. A young woman’s sister gets married and expects her to be the bridesmaid while pulling out all the stops, despite her limited finances and heavy six-figure student debt.

She also has two jobs and had to pay $150 just for her bridesmaid dress.

Her sister’s lack of empathy towards her situation prompted this woman to post on Reddit in search of answers.

Was it just her problem that she didn’t want to spend a ton of money on all the bells and whistles of an expensive honeymoon, clubs and gifts?

She broke down the overall costs of all events and trips, and it was a hard pill for any cash-strapped readers to swallow.

Tickets to Miami for the bride’s Bachelorette trip, plus an Airbnb, cost this bridesmaid $900. Once in Miami, the bride also said she wanted to go clubbing, take dance lessons and have a pool party with an outrageous cover charge of $350 per person.

Beyond extravagant activities, the bride expects her sister to decorate her Airbnb for the trip. Her friends suggested that she give her sister another gift as a surprise, although she had already given her an engagement gift and had planned a wedding gift.

Above all, this bridesmaid is not even sure that all this will make the bride happy, and she apparently wants it above all else to show off her party to her fiancé.

That’s right; her sister the bride was jealous that her fiancé took a trip to Las Vegas and wanted to use his trip to settle accounts before getting married.

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