Short-term vacation rentals in Henderson will operate under stricter rules

Henderson City Council voted unanimously on Tuesday to implement tougher regulations for short-term vacation rentals.

City officials said they frequently receive complaints about noise, trash and the number of rentals in neighborhoods. Council members voted to allow units in residential areas last year.

The updated rules include a requirement for newly registered rental homes to be located at least 1,000 feet from other short-term rentals.

Customers must use all on-site parking before parking on the street, and customer complaints must be resolved more quickly than before. The update also includes tougher enforcement, such as increased fines.

The vote came a day after proponents of short-term rentals threatened to sue the city on provisions they considered unconstitutional. Henderson said he had clear legal authority to regulate land ownership and use.

One of the provisions challenged by the group was a proposal to cap the number of days a non-owner occupied unit can be rented out to 21 per month. The city removed this provision before passing the new law.

Proponents of the rentals also took issue with the new distancing requirement.

The council on Tuesday considered passing a change that would have put in place a 1,000ft distancing requirement in rural neighborhoods and a 660ft distancing requirement everywhere else in the city, but ultimately decided against it. .

Instead, the 1,000 foot requirement will be in effect throughout Henderson. Homeowners associations retain the power to prohibit short-term rentals in their neighborhoods.

Units that are already registered as short-term rentals will be grandfathered and not required to comply with the new distance requirement.

A moratorium on new rental listings is due to expire at the end of the month. Board members plan to review the short-term rental program in one year.

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