Should you go back? What to do if remote tasks are exhausted

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Even after deeming it safe to return to the office, remote jobs have been requested. Before the pandemic, it was estimated that only 6% of workers were doing their work remotely. Now the number is closer to 25% of workers.

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It’s no surprise, given that working remotely has many advantages: no commuting, flexibility, better work-life balance and less impact on the environment are just a few of the advantages of working home. However, since the demand for remote jobs has increased, these jobs have become harder to find. Only 15% of available jobs have the ability to work remotely. What can you do if you want a remote job, but can’t find a full-time one that suits your needs? GOBankingRates spoke to financial experts to find the best alternatives.

Be sure to look in the right places

If you’ve been checking the same sites every day, you might be missing some hidden gems specializing in remote work opportunities. Ed Samuel, Executive Career and Life Coach at Sam Nova. Inc.., says the best places to find remote jobs aren’t always easy to find. “Not all remote jobs are advertised. In fact, you might have to dig to find the best ones. You can search sites like,, and Ryan Robinson’s “65 Best Remote Jobs Websites in 2023.” Better yet, identify your target companies and hiring managers and reach out to them.

Samuel says that personal touch of contacting hiring managers directly can turn into a remote work opportunity if you play your cards right. “Introduce yourself, express your value, build rapport, and find out if the hiring manager has a need or problem you can solve. If the answer is yes, this may lead to a follow-up discussion or interview. During your conversation, ask if the work can be done remotely,” says Samuel.

Chelsea Clarke, Founder and Owner of HerPaperRoute, also recommends ProBlogger in addition to the sites suggested by Samuel. She says these sites have advantages that typical job search sites might not have. “[These sites] saves you a lot of time because you don’t have to toggle the “remote” filter like you would for traditional job boards. Plus, you can speed up your search by creating an account and setting up notifications for jobs in (or related to) your field,” says Clarke.

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Look for jobs that offer a hybrid work model

Because more and more job seekers want the option to work remotely, many employers have implemented a hybrid work schedule, where coming into the office is only required on certain days. The rest of the day, employees can choose to work from home. An estimated 74% of offices have implemented a hybrid model. Although it may not be the ideal solution, you can work flexibly on days when you are not in the office and have more time with your colleagues when you are in the office, giving you the best of both worlds. worlds.

Consider part-time remote work

Many jobs offer part-time remote opportunities that you can do until you find a full-time job, or you can take a few to earn a full-time salary. Samuel suggests roles in customer service, tutoring, proofreading, research, freelance writing, and after-hours customer service.

If you choose to freelance, there are sites that can help you find opportunities immediately. “In today’s world, you can use platforms like Upwork and Fiverr to find projects that will pay off,” says Donny Gamble, Founder and CEO of “There are tons of freelance jobs available and it can pay off very well. You could turn it into a quality gig and even start your own business.

No remote jobs in your field? Try to rotate

If your top priority is to work remotely, it might be worth looking for another type of job that will allow you to do so. Brooks Scott, Founder, Owner and Executive Coach at Merge Path, says there are plenty of areas looking to hire remote workers if you know where to look. “There is a huge demand right now for content on social media. One of my favorite new jobs that offers the freedom of working remotely is as a video editor. There are an array of tools that you can easily learn by watching YouTube videos. There are also plenty of opportunities for people to coach in their respective fields. A lot of people could really use a mentor or advisor early in their career to help them get to where you might already be.

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