This Phoenix Airbnb is for you

PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) If you’ve ever wanted to sleep in a Marvel-themed bedroom for a night, here’s your chance.

A new Airbnb in the Valley is gearing up to be the go-to spot for out-of-town visitors looking for an MCU experience, especially ahead of upcoming major events like the Super Bowl and WM Phoenix Open.

Called “Phoenix Hero House”, it is located near 7th Street and the Indian School. The three-bed, two-bath short-term rental is decorated in the Marvel Universe, from the comics to the movies. Each bedroom has its own theme of Iron Man, Spider-Man and Captain America. Plus, there’s a games garage with a pool table, Avengers poker table, and Hulk-themed arcade room in the main house.

Owner Kyle Rausch said the idea for this project started more than three years ago. He had slowly collected items for the property. “I’ve been looking for this material for years, and we finally found this house and it turned out great,” Rausch said. “We’re so excited to bring him to the Valley.”

It’s been available for booking since last month and Rausch says the response has already been pretty good. He says it comes at a time when Airbnb owners need to compete to get booked.

“A lot of these Airbnbs are wonderful, but they all have the same theme, decorated the same way,” he said. “We’ve noticed that there’s a niche for these types of themed properties with experiences.”

Rausch thinks more of these themed properties will show up in the listings. He has already had several bookings and hopes this will become a hot spot for those visiting the valley. For more information see oiut

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