What to know about booking hotels before the Super Bowl in Glendale

Unlike the airlines, there is no federal control over hotel rooms, and getting a refund or a new room is on a case-by-case basis.

PHOENIX — Prices for hotels and short-term rentals are skyrocketing ahead of Super Bowl 57 in Phoenix.

Although there are still rooms available, places are running out. With so much money at stake, can hotels and short-term rentals legally cancel your reservation?

Can hotels and short-term rentals legally cancel your reservation?

George Finn, Rose Law Group

Yes, hotels and short-term rentals can cancel your reservation. The refund to which you are entitled may be limited by the terms and conditions.

“Hotels can legally cancel on you. It’s not like an airline where they’re regulated by the Department of Transport,” said George Finn, a lawyer with the Rose Law Group.

Yes, hotels can cancel your reservation. Just like airlines, hotels sometimes book more people than they have rooms to account for cancellations. However, unlike the airlines, no federal agency defines what rights you have if they decide to kick you out.

“It’s just you and the hotel making a deal,” Finn said.

If your stay is canceled, Finn said you could sue the hotel or rental for breach of contract in small claims court. However, what you can get is more likely to be defined in the terms and conditions of the booking.

“The language is there for a reason to protect the business,” Finn said.

Policies vary from company to company. Airbnb promises to place you in similar or better accommodation or reimburse you.

VRBO said that as part of its Book with Confidence Guarantee, the customer support team can help customers book another comparable vacation rental.

Hotel conditions may vary depending on loyalty status. Marriot provides different protections depending on your level.

“What a lot of hotels do in most cases is provide credits, points and refunds,” Finn said.

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