Booking a last-minute trip to the Super Bowl? Tips to avoid falling victim to scammers

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) – The Super Bowl game is set and there’s plenty of excitement for Chiefs fans. For those with the means and the opportunity, it might lead them to plan a trip to Phoenix to see the game in person.

Chiefs Kingdom lets the celebrations continue after Sunday’s big win.

Chiefs fan Derwin Langly said: “Super excited, kind of still impressed.”

Langly was among those at the Academy on Monday, getting official championship merchandise so this lifelong fan can help remember the moment.

“Patrick, the excitement, the magic he brings, Andy Reid, they’re just unstoppable. I can’t beat that magic,” he said.

He’s already figuring out how the Super Bowl will play out on Sunday.

Langly said, “I’m thinking of going to Kansas City and trying to do it there. I missed the last Super Bowl, so I’d like to go back and enjoy all the hype.

Other fans will go even further by joining the Phoenix team, but they will see an expensive trip.

On Monday afternoon, the cheapest stadium ticket through the official NFL package was around $5,300.

Round-trip flights from Wichita to Phoenix cost several hundred to a thousand dollars if you depart Friday and return Monday. Phoenix hotels are also filling up, and those available are $600 a night for Super Bowl weekend.

But not everyone has the best interests of fans at heart, as there are warnings about scammers trying to steal this experience from fans looking to book a last-minute trip.

BBB Kansas Area Vice President Denise Groene said, “When it comes to Super Bowl tickets, we all know they’re expensive, so if you’re looking for tickets online and you come across a price that is too good to be true, you should be extremely skeptical.

Groene said the BBB recommends people do their homework and only go with reputable and trusted vendors. People can search for suppliers on the BBB website.

She said: “Even a quick Google search will help provide information, experiences that others might have.”

With many hotels already booked, Airbnb warns of third-party scams for those looking for a Super Bowl weekend vacation rental, where websites designed to look like Airbnb offering a place to stay offer nothing .

Another thing to keep in mind is contests and sweepstakes. Groene said to be careful of who requires payment to enter, and to be careful about the information you provide.

“You may see something pop up on your social media feed, and while some of it may be legitimate, it’s important that while it may be legitimate, you need to understand what this organization requesting your information is going to do. with your information,” Groene said.

There are also plenty of merchandise and souvenirs for sale. Still, NFL products are among the top five most counterfeit products sold online, so again, it’s important to research and buy from reputable sellers.

The best thing to do is to use your credit card at checkout.

Groene said, “You get better consumer protection when using a credit card than any other payment method.”

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