Sizzy Rocket Releases Powerful Anthem, “Bubblegum”

Sizzling Rocket redefines the Y2K resurgence and punk revival in its own way.

LA-based, rock-influenced pop supergirl Sizzling Rocket had just released another single, “Bubblegum” from his upcoming album, Live Laugh Love. Driven by distorted electric guitar chords and solos, accented by 808s and Sizzy’s metallic vocals, “Bubblegum” carries the kind of grudge we haven’t heard since the New York garage rock scene of the 2000s. Compared to the powerful, disco-laden club mix that is “Rebel Revolution,” or the outright slaughter and frenzy of “Wendy’s Parking Lot” and “Live Laugh Love,” the new single has even more of an edge. Something about the way Sizzy drags her announcement of “SMACK” into the chorus just feels different, quite frankly it is indeed “All up in your face”.

Sizzy herself explains the rage that gives the song her attitude, “When I wrote this song it was the summer of 2020 and we had set up a makeshift studio in an Airbnb in Yucca Valley. There was so much chaos in LA, I just needed to get away from that. I was drinking a lot of rosé because I was going through a breakup, and I was really hungover and sick of the whole thing. And I actually slapped myself in the face, hard. So hard it left a bruise. I didn’t mean to but it just happened… It felt like I needed to wake up and stop hurting myself. wallow and stop wasting my love and my time and go out there in the world and really live my And not in a fucking TikTok way I was so fed up and it all came out of a sudden “.

Sure enough, a lot of that sentiment comes through in the music video for “Bubblegum.” Paranoia overtakes Sizzy as she navigates the New York City subway tunnels in leather, latex and fishnet leggings. But in that paranoia, there’s so much confidence and knowing what she wants. The world may be spiraling out of control, but Sizzy embodies the whirlwind better than anyone.

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