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NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) — Have you ever wanted a big yard to let your dog run free? Or maybe your dog is always on guard when he’s in your yard?

Well now you have access to thousands of job sites around the world.

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It’s called Sniffspot.

Similar to Airbnb, Sniffspot is an app that lets owners rent out backyards for their dogs.

Founder David Adams said he got the idea from his wife in 2016.

“She texted me one night and said, ‘I just wish there was an app where I could find a place to let Toshii go to the bathroom,’ and that was the light bulb” , Adams said.

Since then, the idea has caught on.

“Behaviorists will tell you that when dogs get off their leashes and exercise, it will improve their behavior,” Adams said.

Michael Richard, a regular Sniffspot user, notices a difference when his dog Duke plays in a Sniffspot yard.

“He doesn’t play in the garden, because it’s a bit like he has to be on his guard. So we don’t play a lot. He’s never been happier in our own backyard,” Richard said.

Rescues also use Sniffspot as a way to introduce dogs to neutral territory and provide them with a safe space to detach.

Phillip Walters became a host about two years ago during COVID-19.

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“I have a lot of space and my dog, she doesn’t use it properly. I leave the patio doors open and there she is, lying on the sofa. So I thought it would be great to open it more to come,” Walters said.

Hosts set their own rates and availability, with some even earning an extra $2,000 per month. But for many hosts, it’s not about the money.

“It makes me feel good that they are taking advantage of the space. A lot of the dogs that come here that I know are reactive and they don’t do well in dog parks,” Walters said. “And so a lot of people are thanking me for, you know, sharing my space and allowing them to bring their dog here where they can have some off-leash time where it’s just them and their pet.”

Some hosts go the extra mile to make sure their guests feel welcome. Walters even ordered nameplates from his regulars.

“I thought it would be really nice, you know, to set them up for the regulars and make them feel like it’s their space when they’re here,” he said.

“One time we came here, mostly with the pool for Duke and the toys for Russell. It’s just, it’s just awesome,” Richard said.

Sniffspot helps rehabilitate dogs with difficult beginnings, like Richard’s dog, Duke, who started life under a muddy patio riddled with trash.

“The owner has moved in and just left,” Richard said. “He never wagged his tail for about 10 months.”

But with lots of patience, some free time, and the help of his canine friend Russell, Duke has come a long way.

“He probably hasn’t had much puppy time. And so this game and all that, I think you know, is a good opportunity for him to experience some of that,” Richard said.

All told, Sniffspot is more than just backyards — customers can rent time in fields and even forests. However, there are rules for participating, including having your pet vaccinated and signing a waiver. You should also clean up after your pet.

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For more information on all the rules and how you can participate and become a host, click here.

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