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BEND, Ore. (CNN) – A visit to the world’s latest blockbuster in Bend can be a blast from the past – if only for a few fleeting moments of finding and renting that new or favorite movie. But what if you could spend the night in a slumber party, watching movies at your leisure?

The World’s Latest Blockbuster is ranked on Airbnb as a thank you to the Bend community for supporting the store in times of uncertainty.

The Bend store is the last Blockbuster in the world. In recent years, its business model has had to compete with video streaming services like Netflix and Hulu.

This year, Blockbuster faced another enemy: COVID-19.

But store manager Sandi Harding, who has operated the Bend store since 2004, told NewsChannel 21 on Tuesday that the Bend community has kept the business going.

Now it’s giving people the chance to relive the 90s by turning the store into an Airbnb, for a limited time: 3 sleepover nights, with all the video fun you can handle.

“If you close your eyes and think of the ’90s, this is what the play will look like,” Harding said.

Starting Monday August 17, people can book a one night reservation for September 18, 19 or 20. The store will be prepared in accordance with CDC, state and local COVID-19 guidelines.

Mattie Zazueta, an Airbnb representative, told NewsChannel 21 that there have been other iconic announcements in the past, including a Goodyear airship and a Barbie Malibu Dream House, but he said they were from the first announcement of a functional video store.

Harding will host Airbnb, making sure all shelves contain people’s favorite movies.

The reservation costs $ 4 per night.

“It’s only a dime more than what we would normally charge for a three-night rental or a brand new version,” said Harding. “The goal is once again to give back and to be able to experience it. It is not supposed to be very expensive.

There are still some rules. Due to COVID-19, customers must follow local and state guidelines.

Reservations are only open to residents of Deschutes County and only four guests per household are allowed per reservation.

The store will be cleaned and prepared in accordance with CDC guidelines and Airbnb’s enhanced cleaning protocol.

Harding said security will be present on all three nights, to ensure guests and the store are safe.

She said she hopes this will give families a chance to reconnect at a time when COVID-19 has changed so much.

“The result is without Central Oregon we couldn’t stay,” Harding said.

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