Soulja Boy and iHeartMemphis CEO Miami Mike Announce Major Investment in Halen Super App

Halen, America’s first super app, received funding from Soulja Boy and iHeartMemphis manager, music industry icon and Miami CEO Mike.

Halen thinks of new ways to improve the lives of others, while creating community engagement, and for this reason, I want to be a part of it.

— CEO Miami Mike

WASHINGTON, DC, USA, June 8, 2022 / — The Halen Super App is pleased to announce that acclaimed “Miami” CEO Mike Sykes, manager of the American rapper iHeartMemphis and rapper/recording producer Soulja Boy, has invested in the popular app. The versatile app allows users to combine all of their carpooling, vacation rental, flight booking, grocery shopping, restaurant and retail mobile delivery services into one smart phone app. With this investment, Halen is expanding its reach and solidifying its position as a leader in the high-tech industry.

According to the businessman’s website, “Michael Sykes, known to the world as MIAMI Mike, made significant strides before entering the music industry. The acronym MIAMI stands for “Money Isn’t a Major Issue”, fitting the CEO of a multi-platinum independent label.
Mike has been Soulja Boy’s manager since the start of his career, and he is the longest-serving manager in the industry. Under the guidance of Miami Mike, Souja Boy and iHeartMemphis have had highly successful careers, including launching some of the biggest hits in the entertainment industry. He’s also a shrewd businessman, and due to his involvement with Halen Super App, the music mogul is expanding and diversifying his investments while embracing the latest technological advancements.

Why is Miami Mike investing in Halen Super App?
Just over a decade ago, tech pioneers discovered new ways to simplify everyday life. Companies like Uber, Lyft, Grubhub and Airbnb were introduced to the public. Hotels, limousine services, taxi companies and restaurants were all skeptical at the time. They weren’t sure if customers would use a mobile app to order limos, taxis, or food, let alone rent their homes to strangers.

Today, consumers have embraced technology and cannot imagine life without these services.

With modern automation and smart system architecture, Halen develops a great independent app from scratch. It will be a one-stop-shop application for multiple ridesharing, flight booking, vacation rental, grocery, food, and retail delivery services, to name a few.

Halen has also established a unique franchise model in the industry. This allows Halen to become a global brand by integrating into local communities through community programs, events and awareness. Franchising will also benefit from Blitz’s scale and rapid expansion, which will provide Halen with access to entrepreneurs who are collaborating toward a common goal. Likewise, the business structure caters to drivers by providing them with an exceptional opportunity to earn money and a living wage.

Another advantage of Halen Super App is that the company is not only able to identify the latest trends and advancements, but is able to act on and integrate them into its system for the benefit of customers, drivers and partner merchants.

Miami Mike, as a seasoned entrepreneur, is excited about this modern technology. He sees the collaboration with Halen Super App as a wise and logical step forward. Halen is thrilled to welcome Miami Mike to this innovative business and commercial model, which offers “comfort and convenience in your moving world” as their tagline states.

About Halen Super App: Halen, based in Washington, DC, a user-friendly “super-app” rooted in a franchise business model. The app allows our customers to combine all of their carpooling, vacation rental, flight booking, grocery, restaurant and retail mobile delivery services into one app.

About Miami Mike: Michael Sykes, better known as “Miami” Mike, is a music industry legend. He is a CEO, top manager of acclaimed artists such as Soulja Boy and iHeartMemphis, and a philanthropist and investor. He recently contributed seed funding to Halen Super App.

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