Space-saving storage hacks in a small 250 square foot home on Airbnb

The space, although small, had a queen-size bed, kitchen, bathroom, lots of decor and storage, but didn’t feel cramped.

An interior view from inside the bathroom.

Joey Hadden / Insider

The first thing I noticed was the variety of textures and styles used for wall decoration.

Arrows indicate hacks to save space in the tiny house

The author notices decorative details in the house.

Joey Hadden / Insider

The wall decoration included paintings, prints and sculptures that went up to the ceiling, catching my eyes and lengthening the space. It seemed to make a huge difference to make the room bigger without too much effort.

The best hack was also the one I couldn’t duplicate in my New York apartment: maximizing the backyard.

A table outside the little house

A small part of the outdoor space surrounding the small house.

Joey Hadden / Insider

The exterior space was filled and used just as much as the interior rooms. Tables, chairs, and sofas were scattered throughout the lush, shaded courtyard for additional lounge space. Unfortunately, I don’t have any outdoor space at home.

Luckily back in New York, I still have 250 square feet to enjoy.

The author takes a selfie in Miami

The author takes a selfie in the outdoor space.

Joey Hadden / Insider

I would need an outdoor space to live happily in such a small house. I might not have it at home, but I added some square footage that I can enjoy, rain or shine. And with my new tips in mind, I think I’ll have a little more room too.

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