Spotify Wrapped 2022: Spotify teases release date on social media

As we all prepare for Christmas and the end of the year, Spotify appears with an early gift of your year in music.

Analyze your listening habits, your favorite songs and artists and even the minutes you spent replaying the same songs, Spotify wrapped is the best annual account of your musical tastes.

Spotify Wrapped is traditionally released in early December, so users of the streaming platform feel they don’t have long to wait.

And in recent days, Spotify teased the release date of the researched analysis, suggesting that it’s only a few days away…

On November 22, Spotify’s Twitter account posted an image that read, “Your 2022 Wrapped is coming out soon…”

Users flocked to replies sharing their excitement, with one writing: “everyone says soon but no one says when”

When is Spotify finished?

Last night, the Twitter account teased the release date again, posting a GIF of Lizzo’s hit song About Damn Time, writing, “Turn the music up…it’s almost time for #SpotifyWrapped.”

One excited user replied, “I can’t take it anymore. I checked Spotify, Instagram, Google and Twitter every 20 minutes, stop teasing us and post it or just let us know when it officially drops. I don’t I can’t physically take it anymore. I think I could die.”

Apart from these social media hints, Spotify has yet to confirm a release date for Spotify Wrapped, and likely won’t until it’s released. But according to these clues, it won’t be long…

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