40 posts from people who have had enough of their in-laws

Like them, love them or hate them, in-laws are notorious for driving their loved ones crazy. Some even seem to make it their mission to consistently meddle in our marriages, offer new and uninvited perspectives, and never miss an opportunity to remind us how wrong we are about basically everything in life. And often these people will be in your life for a long time, whether you can stand the sight and sound of them or not.

Mother-in-law especially takes heat (sometimes rightfully so!) from negative media tropes and cultural stereotypes about being judgmental, domineering, and, frankly, horrible. But the other part of the equation is often overlooked. So how do you balance the scales a bit?

Today we take a deep dive into the world of in-laws who have left their relatives speechless by being the most angry, unpleasant and annoying. We are at Boring Panda has compiled a list of times people have called out their partner’s dads for all the stupid things they’ve done, so get closer! Vote for the photos that pissed you off the most, be sure to share your awkward encounters in the comments below, and don’t miss out on the in-laws chat psychologist and relationship coach Dr. Wyatt Fisher.

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